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DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my wound washed and rebandaged today! DARN IT!!!! IT IS HURTING MORE AND MORE!!! BURNING, NUMB AND I DUNNO WHAT!!!!! IT"S HURTING SO BADLY!!!!!!!!! I can't bend my pinky too!!! what's wrong?????? T_______________________________________T

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Sharing Yu Yung Yung

I was about to write a blog about my experience in running to the Airport which was overwhelming and interesting I believe but I changed my mind. I might write a blog about it but not now. it is 1.40pm now but I am still nauseous so I am only eating baby biscuits. I am trying my usual practice that is "separating the aching part from my body, imagining it is not part of my body" so that I can forget about the aching part.

I read Shellz's blog. interesting... I thought it'd be interesting to share a bit about Yu ...Read more

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After surgery

6 hrs b4 surgery, till now has been30 hrs..... still  can't eat anything. even water makes me vomit... started vomitting real thick brown secretion... gastric acid prob. my l palm hurts as hell. the bone hurt too since they fit it back to position. n they put a metal disk to keep my fractured bone together... back to bed...

my palm looks like the old mummy cartoon.

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Surgery tonight

The doctor said that the angle was too pointed and that the bone was badly shattered that operation was the only option. IF not, my hand would be deformed. GOing to have the surgery at 6pm..... and he told me the scar would have to be as long as my palm cause the shattered bone area is too long. they'd have to put in a piece of metal to keep the bone aligned again.... T_T

I didn't realise that my hand is really hurting till they bandaged it yesterday... been on painkiller since then... started fasting at 12pm today.. gonna be ...Read more

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Broken and shattered

Actually I wanted to write a blog about my overwhelming experience today but my hand is too painful to write a long blog, I'll write it when i get better. So, I am going to share this other thing that I found out 2 hrs ago. I am amazed at how persistent I can be..... and how far I can take pain....

Before going to Sydney, I hurt  my right hand... it bled for more than 12 hours.... The next few days, I just rubbed it with boiled eggs to reduce the swelling.... my hand looked like the special effect make up in the movie in love...Read more

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Not in Hong Kong

I'm in sydney now..... will be back in 2 weeks....

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Jakarta March 2008

I haven't seen mum and dad for sometime. So, I am awfully glad to meet them this holiday, though only for a few days. I have taken some pictures, if anybody is interested, refer to album. anyway.... i haven't uploaded my dog's picture, Tomy. I will later.

Dad looks better, the last time I saw him before this trip, his face was very thin... I was worried but this time, he looks better ^^ So I am happy. I am so happy during this trip. XD

I bought 2 boxes of traditional food back to hk... to give to my friends... :...Read more

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Director's Guild Annual Dinner

It was friday, March 7th 2008. Had appointment with make up artist at 3pm at Xenter Jut salon where I was going to get my hair done by my hair stylist, Eric Chow. The function starts at 7 and dinner at 8pm. Dunno when was supposed to be there, so assumed 7pm. If things go according to plan, I'd finish around 5, have 1 hour time to mingle and get ready at home before leaving home at 6. As planned, I got to the salon 3pm. When I got there, the make  up artist had not arrived, so I went to get my hair washed.

As I ...Read more

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Went to Shamo movie premiere at Elements at 9.45pm just now. It was a movie played by Ng and Yu (Shawn), co-staring Annie Lau and another japanese star, gotta find out whom first. They have finished filming it since at least june last year, dunno why they only release it now, maybe due tp film effects stuffs that needed to be done. The movie is quite interesting and funny in some part. No body recognized me there, apart from the industry people.

I went by Airport Express, got off at Kowloon station. Hey.. I didn't know that we could not act...Read more

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so cute

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRntg4zKGO8&eurl=http://www.google.com.hk/ig?hl=en went on google.com.hk and found this site on the front page. soooo funny



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