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Surgery tonight

The doctor said that the angle was too pointed and that the bone was badly shattered that operation was the only option. IF not, my hand would be deformed. GOing to have the surgery at 6pm..... and he told me the scar would have to be as long as my palm cause the shattered bone area is too long. they'd have to put in a piece of metal to keep the bone aligned again.... T_T

I didn't realise that my hand is really hurting till they bandaged it yesterday... been on painkiller since then... started fasting at 12pm today.. gonna be alone in hospital tonight.... this is my first surgery in life and the first time I break a bone... the only time i had anasthetic was for my dental removal.....

gotta stay in hospital for several days.... my hand look like an alien palm now... disgusting and weirdly shaped....

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Think positive: several days of mandatory bed rest, food you won't want to eat much of, pharmaceuticals delivered to you (and they make you take them!), and you're surrounded by people who will take excellent care of you. Better than any hotel I ever heard of! Get well soon!!!
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wow, scary! be strong Yungyung! you'll be in our thoughts! ps - scars are sexy! ;-)
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