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Went to Shamo movie premiere at Elements at 9.45pm just now. It was a movie played by Ng and Yu (Shawn), co-staring Annie Lau and another japanese star, gotta find out whom first. They have finished filming it since at least june last year, dunno why they only release it now, maybe due tp film effects stuffs that needed to be done. The movie is quite interesting and funny in some part. No body recognized me there, apart from the industry people.

I went by Airport Express, got off at Kowloon station. Hey.. I didn't know that we could not actually do that. So, I asked the information desk for assistance. They asked me to leave my name with them so that I can board the express train back to HK station afterwards (the fare is for return trip TO AND ONLY from airport), coz they gotta let me in by the side door. The last train was at 1.05am. After the premiere on the way back to express stration, 2 caucasions and 1 asian guy stopped me. Actually the Asian guy talked to me first, I thought they were to ask me the way to somewhere in HK but I was wrong. He asked for permission to take a picture with me. 1 caucasion guy said "You are that girl from In love with the dead! Can I take a picture with you?". I was surprised... I asked "How did you know?". He replied "We watched the movie, that's why!" Honestly, I was surprised.... He later on gave me his name card saying that he had to study the film. The Asian guy was from an Asian magazine, one is an assistant professor in Chinese University majoring in Jurnalism specializing in film critics and another works with Film Ferstivals reviewing films. Interesting....

2 more days before the Director's Guild Annual Dinner... ............ .......... Haven't thought about what to say on stage... T_T I better go to sleep now. I have been losing sleeps lately. Only go to sleep in the morning.

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good luck at the dinner.
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