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Jakarta March 2008

I haven't seen mum and dad for sometime. So, I am awfully glad to meet them this holiday, though only for a few days. I have taken some pictures, if anybody is interested, refer to album. anyway.... i haven't uploaded my dog's picture, Tomy. I will later.

Dad looks better, the last time I saw him before this trip, his face was very thin... I was worried but this time, he looks better ^^ So I am happy. I am so happy during this trip. XD

I bought 2 boxes of traditional food back to hk... to give to my friends... :) o.... so heavy...

the food alone already took over 40kg.....

2 of my turtles died.... T_____________________________________________T

one is 11yrs old.... another is 6yrs old

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88 pounds of food?!? did you get charged for excess baggage!?
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