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I was about to write a blog about my experience in running to the Airport which was overwhelming and interesting I believe but I changed my mind. I might write a blog about it but not now. it is 1.40pm now but I am still nauseous so I am only eating baby biscuits. I am trying my usual practice that is "separating the aching part from my body, imagining it is not part of my body" so that I can forget about the aching part.

I read Shellz's blog. interesting... I thought it'd be interesting to share a bit about Yu Yung Yung too... but... as honest as I am in answering these questions, please take note, this is very generalized... and life is actually quite specific as influenced by time and situations.. ^^

What are your favorites?

1.    Foods:

I like nice food, fruits and vegetables. Food not cuisine right? If you are asking about cuisines then... hm.... well.... japanese, fusion, french, chinese, etc.... as long as it's nice. However, I am the queen of fruits.. ^^

  1.    Sports:

I am not good in group sports. I hate losing, so I avoid competing, instead I try to win over myself. So, I play pushing edge sports like rock-climbing, scuba diving, hangliding (want to try), hiking, etc.

3.    Books:

Not reading any at the moment, I used to love dictionary or inspiring books, self improving books.

4.    Songs and music:

I am really slow in music, meaning, I find out about music from friends and family. I hardly go to stores to find new CDs etc.

5.    TV shows or movies:

I watch anything that moves, as long as they are films; black and white, no sounds, alien language, you name it... I loveeeeeeee motion pictures. Contradictory to Music, I actually will visit cinemas or video stores on my own and pick up random dvds, vcds... and just sit down and watch for ages....

6.    Hobbies/collections:

when i was young, I used to collect stationaries, esp erasers, i have hundreds...

7.    Things about school:

I love waking up in the morning and having to study things that i hate.

8.    Do you have any pets?

yup.... those that are still alive now are 1 dog and 1 turtle... poor turtle....T_T

  1. What do you enjoy doing with your family?

I love talking to my family in good terms, laughing together... nothing is better....

10.    What do you do well?

I act, I talk, I connect with people.

11.    How do you like to spend your free time?

I would love to be able to spend quality time with the ones I love, talking and spending time with them... is writing a blog on AND counted? haha.....

12.    Where have your traveled?

USA: Seattle, Boston, Ohio, SF, New York, LA, San Diego, New Jersey, Las Vegas, other parts of CA.

Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (Pattaya, Bangkok), Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong.

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Wollonggong, Cairns.

That is all I can remember for now.


13.    Do you belong to any clubs or organizations?

Right now? hm..... PADI

14.    Do you play or would you like to play a musical instruments?

I would like to play piano ...

15.    What dances do you know?

sexy dance, belly dance.... a bit rusty though... haven't belly danced for too long

16.    What museums have you visited?

HK Museums of art, HK aerospace Museums, etc.. I went to the HK STORY museum 5 times.

17.    Have you ever been in or seen a live play?

I saw 2R musical play and my teacher Andy Ng's Play... ow... HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! STRONG PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!! yea......

18.    What have you written? Any poetry or songs?

Poetry. I used to lurveeeeeeeee literature.

19.    What types of art do you like, make or look at?

I love drawing.  I love playing those "do it yourself" kits for kids... like painting, clays, plate drawing, etc... I... usually I do those things when I am in love... ^^

20.    Who do you admire? Why?

Ilove Joliebecause she is the devil and the angel. That is what I think make us human. She is weak yet so strong, so vulnerable but intense. She is kind but explicit, daring yet sensitive. She's sexy n passionate. ^^

21.    Do you like to act or pretend?

Acting is my life....

22.    Do you like to tell stories?  Listen to stories?

I love acting coz it helps me in sending across messages, in real life I am not very good in getting my point across. hahaha... I tend to stay quiet even when I get accused... yet.... in acting I can open up and let it flow.... I love listening to stories because without listening you cannot act... as when you dun listen, you can't merge with your character. you need to listen to the character's body, breathing, etc.....

23.    What makes you laugh? How do you make other people laugh?

Sad but true...being myself is funny enough....

24.    What artist would you like to meet (musician, dancer, actor, etc)? What three questions would you ask him or her?

Anthony Hopkins, GOD I love him

1] Make me your student!!!


25.    What type of literature do you enjoy reading?

now???? hm.... i m not sure

26.    If you could write a book, what would it be about? 

The  journey of a lost child.

27.    What would you like to know more about or be able to do in the arts?

I would like to act in more intense role and learn some serious dancing

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Acting is my life too! I tell people I pretend for a living.
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how are you typing?!?
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hey, its late! don't stay up too late! (like me). ;-)
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