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Your promise alike the sunrise


JALAN MANA YANG HARUS KUPILIH Which path should I choose

KU TAHU KU TAK MAMPU I know I can't make it

KU TAHU KU TAK SANGGUP I know I can't bear it

HANYA KAU TUHAN TEMPAT JAWABANKU  Only you Lord is the dwelling place of my answers

AKU PUN TAHU KU TAK PERNAH SENDIRI I too know I am never alone

S'BAB KAU ALLAH YANG MENGGENDONGKU Because You Lord is the one holding me close

TANGAN-MU MEMBELAIKU Your hand caress...Read more

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welcoming a new member

2 nights ago, I went to the pet store to get pet supplies for Guai Guai. Guai Guai and Yai Yai only like Xu Xu's original food . I can only get it in 1 particular store so far.  I spotted Ching Ling (witty) out of 20+,30 hamsters. Didn't think about buying a new hamster till I saw him. It was love at first sight.

XU XU is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too smart for a hamster. Although this sad, I just realised that I expect all hamsters to be AS smart. The day I bought Yai Yai n Guai Guai, their home had been jammed with all kin...Read more

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In fact I AM DELIGHTED I LOST MY PHONE, I felt the past just got brushed off my shoulder and I feel lighter. Well, apart from a time like yesterday when I was asked to book my hairstylist for my show tomorrow. I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I only had his number on my phone!" Thank God, I kept his name card. I have a good habit of hoarding. Well.... the first time I call it a good habit, cause it saved me so much hassle this time. hahahahahahaha.... I miss Yai Yai still but Xu Xu and Guai Guai keep me accompanied. Especially XuXu w...Read more

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Days after she left

If you ask me how I am feeling, I might look at you and just smile. I received Etchy's invitation email to go to Live n Loud concert, I thought.... this might just be what I needed. I'll talk about the concert in my next blog. On way back from Asia World Expo, a friend called, honestly, I already fell asleep on the airport express probably coz I was too emotionally tired (part of my job! Looking "I FEEL GREAT!" when I don't -esp after Yai Yai died and I got all these un-necessary suggestions or comments like "Bl...Read more

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Will you take a moment of silent with me?

Less than 24 hours ago, my Yai Yai passed away. When she broke her leg, I knew then that she'd only live for months longer but then things turn better so, I didn't think much of it anymore. Slowly, she is developing what I suspect to be a degrading immune system. She became less active. First, she developed eye problem, her right eye was always wet, producing reddish yellow fluid which looked like dried blood stain. So, I cleaned her eyes twice a day and used a little bit of antiseptic on it. I knew she hated...Read more

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Fat Shan

5 hrs round trip... half dead

can u tell we both woke up at 5am... considering what time i slept.... anyway i am Read more

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Hamster diet

Having holiday. Been tired lately so it is nice having a day off and as usual I am busy playing with my 3 hamsters.

Found out an interesting meal tendency hahahaha

Xu Xu's new favourite : ice lemon tea, guava juce, almond dessert

Guai Guai: Watermelon

Yai Yai: chinese egg tart.

Interesting. hahahahahahahaha

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Hi!!!! I am going to 佛山for a grand openning on July 25. Any friends of AND live in 佛山?????

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Favourite meal box

I had my favourite meal box today (lunch or dinner). Guess what it is? It's the much resented meal box given out at the shooting set. It's been almost a  year since I last had mine. I love the idea of eating my lunch or dinner at the set together with the movie crews. It could be the tastiest meal ever, notwithstanding whatever is served, it just tastes good. (though I had mine alone today)

Herman Yau is a nice director. I can't believe he finished filming the movie in 9 days. 9 days... can u imagine????? My God. So tod...Read more

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I WANT PAD SEW EW!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!! i wanna curse. i am still 44.3kg. DNNN IT still 6 lbs to go.

I am hot, I am annoyed and I am hungry! I ran out of milk. No,... Xu Xu had very little so he didn't gulp down all my milk. But can't have my favourite breakfast today.

No, I dun starve myself.

Going for shooting tomorrow. Where is it again? O... I dunno yet, yes, that's right. I almost forgot.



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