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Finding my destiny...

Sometimes I wonder what life has got in house for me....


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Does shifts in fav colour preference reflect how I change?

My favourite colours history:

elementary school: Brown

you try hardest to be reliable and dependable. enjoy the outdoors and nature. Others may see you as sad but you are comfortable with mediocrity. Flashy objects are not something you desire; you just want a stable life. You are strong and can endure life's hardships and you find comfort in the small things. People see you as friendly and easygoing , but some...Read more

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Tonight is my first time going to SPEAK UP E.V.E.N.T organized by Roger and Kate. The music was great and it was a nice crowd as well. I came in late so I missed the belly dance performance which was a pity but I still had a chance to watch other cool a...Read more

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Gangsta Pro


WE are family founded n based on Jeanne's 2nd PRO class. Yesterday was our first meeting again. We had  alot of fun catching up and binding even closer together. We were very happy and lucky to have some of the first Pro Class students to join us, like Grace Huang and Farini.


Like I said, we are GA...Read more

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Beauty, Image and Health

I have tried staying away from the scales for weeks till I feel less susceptible to feeling bad looking at the figures on my electric scale. Today morning, I went up n it showed a whooping 48.0kg. My eyes almost popped out.

If I think back, my dieting days started as early as 4th grade after my mum noticed me gaining a lot of weight too fast after she fed me multivitamins prescribed by doctors. I was way too skinny for kids my age, I couldn't seem to put on any weight for 1 bowl of rice took me around 4-5 hours to finish....Read more

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Jeanne Hartman

Well, my classmates from the second class wrote such great reviews about Jeanne that I decide to tag their links here.

Jen, a producer, a director:


Celina Jade, a singer, an actor:

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Stalked yet again

I can't believe I am receiving another email from this guy claiming that I mixed everything up and that I am using my blogs and friends to support me.  I can't believe what I am reading.My God! Jesus! HE even claimed I called him purposely while he was at his aunt's to share my casting results .... what the? I remember very well that night I came back from a friend's son's 100 days party. I left early because I didn't feel well thus decided to go back and stayed home. Why would I then call him? Let a...Read more

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Since early this year I have encountered a disturbing phenomena. It has disturbed my mind to an extent I could not describe. I agree that I am sensitive as I do care too much what people say/think of me. I tried handling it delicately but when my last resort failed, I sent out strong firm signal that I felt my personal space and life harrassed and violated. HOWEVER, it just is not seemed enough to discourage him to stay away!!!! I totally feel I am STALKED!!!!Help!

He was a friend I knew from a course I used to take. We ...Read more

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By Xu Xu - a message to a motherly love.

I haven't checked my guestbook for a long time. There was a message saying that he finally found Xu Xu's blog and that the Xu Xu's blog almost made him cry. I didn't pay attention at first till I was about to turn off my computer. For some unknown reason , I went to Xu Xu's page and I found this. Without me realizing tears have streamed down my face. I'd like to share it with everybody. Interesting how it relates to my blogs in deeper wound. By Xu Xu:

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Por yee,  died today. He was my newest grey blue campbell. I am going mad. Read more

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Come with me on a journey of self discovery! Wanna know a hamster who talks with an attitude? Meet one on Xuxu's site: http://www.alivenotdead.com/Y3XuXu

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