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Kate Sullivan

March Speak up!

E.V.E.N.T is hosting   Speak up!  this Wednesday night March 4th 9pm at Philia lounge.

Please check out the event link for details on the line up.

Also coming up : E.V.E.N.Ts first year anniversary party , the launch of E.V.E.N.Ts website and the next SENSORY RUNWAY event.

Stay tuned for all E.V.E.N.Ts latest updates here on Alive Not Dead !

See you Wednesday people. Lets keep the art's alive!

Kate x

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Kate Sullivan. Latest play, Directing a childrens show and E.V.E.N.T


Hi people,

It's been too long! So whats been going on?? Since arriving back from Thailand I have been cast in a play COSI by Louis Nowra and Directed by 'Wendy Herbert'. I play a young women who has Schizo affective and boarderline personality disorder.She is also a Nymphamaniac . Very challenging role,but im loving the research! Set in a mental institution in the 1970s. We are performing at the Fringe theatre May 5th-9th. Please come and support me! :)

Also on the acting front the short Film 'The Other End Of The Gun' directed by Patrice Poujol,has its first screening at our next Speak up! event at Philia lounge on March 4th. I play the leading lady Sandra , a contracted killer. We will also be screening serval other short films and music videos on the night. Please stay tuned for the line up in the coming weeks.

I have also written and will be directing and choreographing a play called 'The Inside Story' with Kim Haslam at the Mc Aulay Theatre in WanChai on March 17th,18th. This is a childrens production and we have a cast of 50 children aged between 5 years and 13 years.This will be the first Hong Kong production that I have directed.

Finally Roger and I have been striving with E.V.E.N.T and our monthly event Speak up! just keeps getting bigger! Our GROUNDED event is coming up on Saturday the 28th February,Philia lounge.For those of you that dont know much about GROUNDED its an old School hip hop and funk night.We get some amazing djs in and this is a super fun very sexy dance night out.Ladies drink free cosmos from 10pm-11pm. We will always post our events up on AnD or on our E.V.E.N.T page here on AnD.We also have a facebook group. e.v.e.n.t.

E.V.E.N.Ts first year anniversary party will be coming up in Apirl and our website will be up and running. Yaye!!

Here are a few photo's from the last speak up!

Till next time stay doing what you do!.Art is everything!



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Im back in Hong Kong and ready to go!

Hi all!

We are finally back from Thailand and ready to GO HARD tomorrow at Speak up!. I have so many amazing and crazy stories to blog about and I promise once I down load photo's I will get a blog entry done!

Tomorrow night is going to be a great night packed with talent Im back in HK and we look forward to seeing you all and hearing about all the wonderful up and coming projects.

Please read the details below:

February Speak up! has a great line up of strong and promising talent as well as open mic to promote some exciting events in the coming months. Come on down to Philia lounge Wednesday 4th of Feb and see :

Kim Haslam Dee Cheung Aisling Kinsella Scarlett Johnson B " Brown Sugar Lover" Preston Lau Heidi Mak Landon Ling AND James Stewart

The guys from I SHOT HONG KONG will be there to talk about the launch of the 2009 short film festival.So all you Actors,Directors,Film makers come on down and hear all about it!

Hosted by RE- FLEX and Kate Sullivan from e.v.e.n.t

Sponsored by Alive Not Dead, Elden Cheung and Philia Lounge.

Open Mic sessions starting around 10:30pm ish. PROMOTE YOURSELF!


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Happy new year all! e.v.e.n.t presents:Speak up!'09

Happy New Year!

Hope you all are well and had a wonderful christmas and new years!

Speak Up! is back for 2009. And to help ring in the new year, E.V.E.N.T. is helping launch DigiDude by COUNTERF!T.

This Month we are along with FREE DIGIDUDE GIVEAWAYS ALL NIGHT, we will have special guest performances by world renowned DJ Forest, Arne Venema, and never before seen LIVE art performance by Foon!

Speak up! '09

With FREE Digi Shot upon arrival!

This is going to be an exciting year for our company as we will be launching our website, filming and screening an artist music video, hosting our next BIG 'Sensory' event,starting a new representation for artists, hosting more Speak ups!,Grounded and many many more events!

Check out the invite to this weeks speak up! and I hope to see you there!

K xx

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The Other End Of The Gun,Lumia,e.v.e.n.t and me!

Where to begin?...

Wow it's about time I wrote a personal blog, its been awhile.I have been a busy little bee and I must say its been exciting.I have been doing all the things I love right here in Hong Kong city!

I was cast as the leading lady in a short Film "The Other End Of The Gun" by Patrice Poujol just over a month ago.The original script's lead was a man.A contracted Killer.I must of done a good job as he rewrote the role and cast me. I ended up playing Sandra, a contracted killer who kills men who cheat on their wives.Mmmmmm. The over all experience was amazing and I was so happy to be back in front of the camera again. We had a great crew & cast including my very own partner in crime Roger De Leon, in his very first acting role, Derrick Fong as our DP and the lovely JujuChan. Hope you enjoy the trailer ,it's just a teaser as they say and I will let you know when the final cut has been edited and where we will have a screening.Currently the Director is pitching it in Beijing for the Beijing Film festival.

During this time the lovely Jen Thym from ROCKGINGERcast me in the web series"Lumina" as Serena Wong , a close family friend of Lumina played by the georgeous JuJu Chan.There were so many amazing actors in this one such as Vince Chung,Simon Yin,Michael Chan and Lawrence.I was only in 2 scenes but again it was wonderful being back in my element.This was an amazing enviroment to work in.The energy on set was amazing and Jen is such a breath of fresh air to work with.Thank you Jen for everything!

While all this was going on I was producing Speak up! and Groundedwith Roger and the last 2 events of the year were really satisfying. We had some outstanding performances, show cases and seem to keep meeting new and inspiring artist's! If you want to always been in the loop with our events please check out " e.v.e.n.t " for all the latest news and photo's.We are launching our website in February 2009 and have some exciting news for everyone.Make sure you come to our launch party!

When im not Acting,Producing e.v.e.n.t ,teaching Film acting and Directing I am tutoring/teaching Dance,Drama,Acting Technique,Speech and Musical Theatre at CMW 4 days a week. Keeps me very busy.I am writing and devising a play for a show in March at the  McCauly Theatre.Exciting!

Well that's me for now. Hope you enjoy the photo's and Film trailer !


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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 2

Hi all,

Most of you know that I am the producer of e.v.e.n.t ( An international artists company). My partner Roger Deleon also known as Re Flex co founded the company in March 08 and have been hosting events for artists ever since!

We now have 2 events a month.Speak up! and our new baby GROUNDED ( Old School/Funk/Underground/Bmore/Breaks) Ladies also drink free cosmos from 10 pm - 11pm! If you havent checked out our alive not dead page please do :

Tomorrow night, wednesday 3rd is the last Speak up! of the year!!!!!!!!

e.v.e.n.t is hosting its 7th artist's SPEAK UP! in HK .

This Month we are showcasing the BEST OF E.V.E.N.T. with special guest performances by CB Fresh, Arne Venema, Preston Lau ,surprise guests and much more!

If you have still not experienced a slice of the arts and a night in HK to EXPRESS your ideas , listen and watch wonderful artists , PROMOTE any up and coming events, acts , launches or parties OR just to NETWORK with like minded people...then get down to Philia lounge next Wednesday night.

Check out the event here:

Hope to see as many AnD artists there!

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Thank you for Speak up! & Grounded tomorrow night!

Hi all,

Firstly thank you to all of you that attended e.v.e.n.ts Speak up! last night. Another amazing night and every time just gets bigger and better! Thank you to all the talented artist's who performed, you are all stars!

Here are some of the photo's :

e.v.e.n.t is hosting yet another event tomorrow night Saturday 8th November at Philia Lounge :

Hope to see you all there for some true HIP HOP. Our very own DJ Re-Flex will be one of many talented d.js spinning on the night. Ladies drink free cosmopolitans from 10pm-11pm!  NICE

Hope to see you guys there!

K xx

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SPEAK UP! - HK's Original Artist's Meet Up

Alive Not Dead Artist'sGet out your headshots, and polish your juggling skills. It's time to promote yourself in November!e.v.e.n.t is hosting its 6th artist's SPEAK UP! in HK, this Wednesday night!

If you have still not experienced a slice of the arts and a night in HK to EXPRESS your ideas , listen and watch up and coming artists , PROMOTE any events, acts , launches or parties OR just to NETWORK with like minded people...then get down to Philia Lounge this Wednesday night.

This week's line up:

850pm: Dee & Ash (Singing & Guitar playing)

930: Kim Haslam (Singing/ Piano)

945pm: Open Mic & e.v.e.n.t

955pm: Nick Milnes (Stand up)

10pm : Tony Shyu :Feature Film teaser

              Elizabeth Briel: Blueprint Photos and Artwork

10:05pm: Heidi Mak (Singing & Piano)

1045pm-12 : DJ I Am Hayes (Drum & Bass)

You wont wanna miss Speak Up! this month. Any questions please send us a message, or email us at Check out below for pics from last month's.

See you on Wednesday night people!


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October speak up!A sharing and..Thank you! x

Hi all,

I wanted to say thank you again to all e.v.e.n.ts fans and supporters.Last Wednesday night was another wonderful success and Speak up! is getting bigger and better! We showcased some incredible talent and we are being approached by agencies and other event companies on the look out for talent so we are always looking to promote new artists.

If you have not yet been to a speak up! they are the first Wednesday of every month and we always promote up and coming acts on the AnD website .We also have our e.v.e.n.t page set up and we are an official partner with AnD and will be doing our first combined event together this Halloween!

Make sure you come along to our Halloween party Friday 31st at AZURE!..SAVE THE DATE!

The next Speak up! will be held again at Philia lounge on November 5th. We are getting the line up together now so if you are interested in performing message me or email me at

A very special thank you to the alive not dead team for your constant support in the arts and belief in e.v.e.n.t and Speak up! We feel blessed to have a place to value the arts and be heard!

I am proud to be here and to help give something back to the community and the arts. I am proud of the achievements that have come out of Speak up! ..the friendships and connections artist have made.

One example is the CB Fresh boyz who all meet at the 2nd Speak up! and are now on a huge successful journey.A wonderful long road ahead.I am proud of you all. Stay true to yourselves, love yourself and what you do!

Thankyou for reading! Here are a few photo's from the last SPEAK UP!

See you all soon . Peace,love & ART!

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