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Reflection part 3a. The Deeper Wound

You must FIRST trust yourself. What you need to develope here is A HEALING ATTITUDE! prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Trapped energies get stronger as repressed (imagine air in a balloon. Press a balloon enough and it'd blow. WHY? pressure in the baloon increases! ok... now I know why I felt so much pressure since young, not because the problems are big on their own but I was experiencing more pressure than I should had by repressing it). Conventional (repressive) Vs Moder...Read more

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Reflection part 3b. The Deeper Wound

Everything is a process.Imagine this world as a big sphere. We are all in this sphere, connected to each other and other creatures and substances. Nothing happens in an instant. It mightseem that it happens in fractions of seconds but what is hidden is that it is only one part/step of a chained process. For example: Water drops - happens in an instant. It happens after one tilted a glass. water drops is not the end. It wets the floor, which is also not the end. Understanding this helps bring us closer to God, the source ...Read more

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What is acting all about? Why do it? Why Jeanne?

I believe a lot of actors would have been asked this question by curious onlookers and also other questions like "How do you do it?" and so forth. Sometimes it's hard to explain what we, actors, really do when asked "What do  you do(work/job)?" but to answer "I act/ I am an actor (actress)". I sometimes really do not know what to say anymore when I am further asked "What do you mean you act?" or "What does that mean?". I thought my answer is as obvious as w...Read more

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Reflection part 2. The Deeper wound


Fear and anger exist outside ourselves, these negativities host on our ego. To counteract this we would need compassion, an emotion never felt in isolation. why is compassion an act of love? Compassion drives us to help, often means we would experience pain directly together. Think of the medical staffs during H5N1 outbreak few years ago or the fire figther at NY WTC rubble in 2001.

In the face of tragedy, like the global economy crisis or natural disasters (Shi Chuan) or terrori...Read more

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Reflections part 1. The Deeper Wound

" Everybody suffers" - such a strong and rooted statement. However, who can or will argue to the truth underlying these 2 words? In death of a loved ones, some suffer alone or in a group. In recessive economy like the one Hong Kong is facing now, society suffer together. Yet, no matter how empathy anyone feel for each other, suffering is always individual. We feel it as something personal to ourselves. It is invincible to the eye and thus there is no way to show it to others.

"We can only live throu...Read more

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Don't laugh. hahaha.... ok.. i started first.

This is my first time doing anything like this. believe me... when I googled how to make the video plus softwares and so on. I was almost overwhelmed with the lists. haha... I tried over 40 softwares. So.... please give me +2 for effort marks before giving me zero or minus for final mark. hahahahaha... just joking. Hope u guys will like this, Amen.

My profile in Chinese

Video: http://www...Read more

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BIG eyes/Small eyes?

Good question, Wu Di. I have no idea. :P

they look wide, just like his mother's. But I am not sure if they're big or not. coz wide and big is different. Hope u understand what I mean. hehe

<...Read more

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MY BABY pictures

OOPS! I m.e.a.n my BROTHER's baby's pictures!!!


some says he looks like my dad. Everybody in my family WANTS to look ...Read more

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Love of a best friend (part 2) - The beauty she left me, a wellspring of wisdom

I could see the beautiful message she left me. How she turned her death into an inspiring and touching love story. Can you imagine her singing this?

If I should stay.如果我留下来。

I would only be in Ur way.我会成为你的羁绊。

So I'll go.所以我离去。

But I know.但我知道。

I'll think of U every step of the way.我每迈出的一步都会想着你。

Xu Xu insisted mutual caress, company, love, and affection before entering her eternal sleep. She tried drawing a smile on ...Read more

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Yung Yung and Xu Xu 2008 song



蔡旻佑 - 我可以 Evan Yo

寄 沒有地址的信

ji mei you di zhi de xin Sending a letter with no address 這樣的情緒 有種距離 zhe yang de qing xu, you zhong ju li What kind of emotion? feeling distanced...

你 放著誰的歌曲 ni fang zhe shei de ge qu whose song are you list...Read more

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