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Guai II and Cus Cus

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6CkAOacQRk&feature=channel_page Guai II and Cus Cus.

Older video:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9dPWsBn5YQ&feature=channel Guai and babies 2nd day ^_^ look at the babies hanging to her like bats.

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"EVIL" Guai Guai caught in action

Cus Cus and Guai Guai....

No body believed that Guai Guai could be evil!!!!!!!!!! :P

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGek_oQQfbE

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Daily Yung Yung?

I just received an email yesterday inquiring for daily "Yung Yung" (daily life  without make up) pictures. I almost scratched my head.... -_-". Ok...  I found some pictures of me without make up. (Hey,... I do not wear make up usually other than work time.... how come finding such pictures was so hard?) I just thought it is interesting. Some of the pictures you might have seen before. Nostalgic 2008.

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BEST NEWS!!!!!!!! (updated)

Feb 28th, Xu Xu's getting better everyday. Her eyeball is still a little bit swollen but not opaque in colour anymore. ^_^

Took  Xu Xu to the Vet today. The doctor said that her eyes are irritated and she is definite that it is not cataract. Gosh.... I screamed straight away with glee.... (you can imagine -_-")

The vet stained her eyes to see if she had hurt her own cornea. Thank God she didn't. Now I gotta use this antibacterial eye drop on her eyes twice a day at least for 10 days.

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Xu Xu is sick

3-4 days ago I noticed a white spot on both Xu Xu's eyes, one bigger on the right eye. Today morning she still looked fine. Her eyes still look normal.

When I came home today..... I was in terror.... what happened to her right eye? Xu Xu caught me looking worried....

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Recent update

Mum visited me for a day last week as she passed by China, so we went to have dinner.

Other updates on my hamster family:

Xu Xu:

like her usual self... funny

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Happy Chinese New Year

Hi!!!!! Long time no blog!!! How are you guys doing? I have been idle for a long time now I know. Sorry  Will start blogging again soon! Happy Chinese New Year every body. ^_^

want to know the worst cantonese-english translation? Here goes, Yung Yung's style:

Happy Chinese New Year

Dragon horse stamina

Horse to succeed

Year Year have fish

Laugh Mouth Often open

Pig Cage in water

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Keep warm|保暖|保暖

Hi, all. Been a long time. I was taking self development courses hence I was unable to go on line. How have you guys been? I am good apart from being totally sick now. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad cough and flu. I sound like I am getting a lung cancer or the like. Anyway, Xu Xu WAS NOT pregnant. She was just plain FAT.  I waited for her to give birth... which she didn't.

O I got a new hamster

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May your new year be as warm and cozy as Lo Lo's and Mimmi's. Warm blessing to all families on earth. Love you all.

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Like mother like daughter

2008 dec 21st, everything started fine

till some hamster said something wrong which drew the attention of the lady

so the lady turned to the little gentleman and said....

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