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My crazy hair change. I love it, I hate it

My long time hair growth, length: 15cm over my waist First cut and colour treatment (brown)2nd cut. Beijing:After 1st colour treatment:After 2nd colour treatment:Red colour treatment:3rd cut, Beijing:Bronze brown colour treatment, Beijing:Red wine colour treatment, Beijing:4th cut, I hate it and after blonde colour treatment after just 1 week of the red wine treatment in Beijing, here comes my super ORANGE hair... Don't I look like GOKU from Dragon Ball Z? (I dyed my eye brows too... which makes me looking like a cancer patient)YES IT'S MY REAL HAIR~~~~~ I HATE IT... I look... horrible T_____T

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Long, short, red, brown... No matter what hairstyle, you always look great! :)
over 14 years ago
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over 14 years ago
I like it!
over 14 years ago
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I'm curious what will happen next.... but you're cuteness doesn't rely on your hair, so don't worry about it too much. You're beauty is held in your eyes, your delicate features, and your slender figure... you could probably shave your head and still be the same cute Y3.... though... don't take that as a recommendation..... Personally I tend to go for people's natural hair color... However... since you're at this point.... I wonder if you striped in with black and then let your eyebrows go black again if you'd look like a tiger.... rawr! ;)
over 14 years ago
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may I suggest my hair stylist?
over 14 years ago
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Well, I wouldn't say it's bad... It is maybe not as good as what you had before but believe me: only a bold style might make you look weird (not even sure)... He he he... Anyways, hair grow back and you can always change for a new color... One more time, no matter what: YOU ALWAYS LOOK GREAT!!! Truely! :)
over 14 years ago
wow ...
over 14 years ago
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Wah so drastic a change.
over 14 years ago
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And I agree with Mark Allen.
over 14 years ago


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