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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, with good luck and a bright future! Sorry I have been MIA on this site for so long.

Will update again soon...

新年快乐! 万事如意!

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Scoot to success...

Hello fellow AND (or Alive Not Dead as I call it) fans who enjoy my sporadic stories. Thank you for tuning in. This one will be short I think...

Since getting back from the Olympics, I've been lucky enough to start working on promotions again here in CA. Promotions, brand ambassador or event marketing are all synonomous as you may have seen even in your own city people passing out free items to promote a brand or company.

The crazy thing about "free" is the fear or confusion people express when I hand them a...Read more

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Back from the Olympics in London 2012

Peek-a-boo I am back updating whoever actually checks out my page that I hardly check myself! Social media is going overboard since the launch of Facebook because every year there seems to be a new site for connecting with friends, employers and the like. It's become almost a job in itself for me to just try and meet with someone. No more phone calls or old fashion emails. Everyone is logging onto a site to email me instead.

But nevertheless, I hope whoever reads my short blog entries get some fun out of my ...Read more

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Bored in the US and a love for Jolin

Happy Chinese New Year to all! I've been back in the CA now about 2 weeks and I tell you, its still the strange feeling that I had when I came back in 2010. A bit of boredom and no matter what I am doing, I am constantly thinking of wanting to go back overseas.

To keep me somewhat from being bored to death, I watch and listen to anything Chinese...especially my favorite singer Jolin Tsai. Browsing through Baidu, I found some new Jolin pictures and news and all I can say is I am excited to see the release of h...Read more

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Back in the USA

Happy New Year to all. I'm back in the USA now. Been back almost 1 1/2 weeks and still feels strange. I miss overseas and miss the fun of HK, parts of China and just being able to go around different cities and see good friends.

The US is good too but being an American, having lived in the US for over 30+ years, I wonder now if I came back too early. I was getting tired of the job in China but 50/50 hindsight, I did not enjoy my time fully because I took it for granted.

Another lesson in life I must learn, even at my age...Read more

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Happy Holidays

Back in HK and I must say that Dec is a great time to be here. Weather is nice and cool for a change. I always come in summer so its humid like hell. Plus side is I sweat a lot so it good for my body.  I'm back to get some martial arts training since where I am at in China, there is nothing. I wish everyone here a Happy Holiday season. 

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Expendables 2 casting locations in China?

Another long awaited blog posting but I just saw on the web there may be some locations in China that will be used for Hollywood's big action movie "The Expendables 2", due out in 2012.

A majority of casting and the shooting will be done in Bulgaria so that may be one of the difficult parts for aspiring performers like myself. One needs a EU work permit first should one get even an extra role.

Anyone on Alive Not Dead know where in China they may be shooting scenes? If so please let me...Read more

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"Using No Way as Way" to teach ESL

My second blog entry on this website and to those who actually take time to visit my short and limited profile, I thank you.

This is the final week for me teaching ESL for the semester here in China. I wanted to bring something very different to the class that sets me apart from all the other teachers here. I wanted a focus on the philosophical side of what it means for students to study English and how they can use this to do anything in life, not just "English teaching" or translating. Last mon...Read more

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Being newly vegetarian

Arriving back in China earlier this year, I made a challenge for myself to not eat meat for one week and see how it goes. Now it is almost six months and I am going strong. It is a completely different feel physically and mentally to become vegetarian.

Many may think its just food and who cares right? But having seen what I've seen here in Asia and the treatment of animals worldwide, I felt like a complete fool to not have done this earlier.

I'm not trying to convert anyone but try it for a week and give yours...Read more

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