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Scoot to success...

Hello fellow AND (or Alive Not Dead as I call it) fans who enjoy my sporadic stories. Thank you for tuning in. This one will be short I think...

Since getting back from the Olympics, I've been lucky enough to start working on promotions again here in CA. Promotions, brand ambassador or event marketing are all synonomous as you may have seen even in your own city people passing out free items to promote a brand or company.

The crazy thing about "free" is the fear or confusion people express when I hand them a "free item." They are not sure what to make of it at times and no matter how many times I repeat "It's free!", people's instinct takes over and they mentally walk away.

Now the funny part of this is when one person takes the free item, then another and another and before you know it there is a zombie mob in front of you grabbing whatever you have in the cart. Then those who walked away turn around as if their brain sent a signal saying "Ohhhh...free things! yippee!!."

My response is always the same "See I know you would come back around."

Overall I must say I love work as a brand ambassador. It's almost like acting on set because the manager tells you the time to show up, what you will say to the public and tells you when its a wrap. Of course the difference is no cameras around and the pay is not hitting the $1 million mark. But then again most if not all jobs that struggling actors get don't get the Tome Cruise paycheck anyway.

Nevertheless I find I am a bit lucky this month as I shot a commercial for a new start up company here in San Francisco: www.Scootnetworks.com. Those interested can check out the video on the website and who knows, maybe a famous HK star or director will see how cool I look in my custom made suit.

Next week I shoot a commercial for Apple but being that it's been a week or more since I got word of it, I don't recall what the ad is actually about. Will update when its over and let you know how it went.

Till then live life to the fullest

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