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The good ol' days 2009 #china #zhengzhou #goodtimes #freedom

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A little bit more...bringing back hardcore martial arts and I'm almost there...#actionactor #martialarts... https://t.co/Wb4y4xbTgy

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Delayed with confusing change

It's been sometime again since I've posted any comments on the site. The layout changed and I was not able to even log in. 

Long story short for this blog-if it's not broken, don't change it. Adapt but not change completely. I like the old look much better. Seems to open spaced here with all the white backdrop. 

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Humble Fighters

Arriving back to Thailand 1 1/2 weeks ago, there is no escaping the warm air, traffic jams and aura of a country that displays truly hard working individuals.  This is probably my 7th time being back in the Bangkok area and every time it is always just for my Muay Thai training. Returning every year has given me a bit of time to become more familiar with the areas surrounding where I train and shop. But there are things to always learn and experience as life is about adapting to any situation at a given time. This this time around, I booked a...Read more

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Xi'an: A city of unique wonders

A short update for this week as I have arrived into Guangzhou en route back to Hong Kong, I had the inkling to encourage those who have never been to Xi'an to go for a visit.  Xi'an is an old town with tons of history. What I enjoyed most was the wide streets, a much more cleaner city than Zhengzhou and the structures at The Wild Goose Pagoda are amazing! Thus the moral of this short blog is to enjoy one's time in a city, any city. There are many good things as well as bad things that come with forging new rela...Read more

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The Drunken Master experience

"The goal of a human being is to actualize onself"-Bruce Lee There can be no greater quote that fits the experience of meeting screen legend Jackie Chan than the one stated above by Bruce Lee. As fans were selected worldwide, I was fortunate to have been one of the lucky ones to join Jackie Chan and his international your of friendship and love in China. I was already planning to go back to China to visit friends and former students but when the email arrived stating I could be part of Jackie Chan's 60th birthday c...Read more

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Happy New Year!

It has been a fast and interesting year. Good, bad, crazy, fun and a combination of all such factors. But these factors make us into better human beings from our trial and errors. This is something I am still learning in life.

Thus for the new year that is approaching, I wish everyone on Alive Not Dead the best of luck, love, success and good fortune for a better year.

I am striving to achieve success in the Hong Kong action film business and believe that 2014 will give me a chance at new things in life. Let's help each ...Read more

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Always Be Yourself

It's that time again to re-visit this great platform which I have been so behind on and give a little insight into what life has been like in Cali since returning back from Asia this past summer.

Well the first thing is working as much as I can get booked in terms of promotional events and they come in go in spurts. The amount of work to promote a product or whatnot is tremendous but working it as a brand ambassador or aka "promos" as it's known in the biz, is fun and sporadic.

Some weeks it is a full on...Read more

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Hong Kong fun with perserverance of success

Summer 2013 has been quite a ride. Going back to China to see my last group of students graduate and then arriving back to Bangkok for Muay Thai training is always a blast. How time flies when you are having fun.

But what I learned again being back in Asia is the fact that I am destined to do something exciting and meaningful in life. Now who doesn't want to achieve such goals for themselves correct? What I discovered for myself once again was how much I missed Asia, especially Hong Kong. It brings suc...Read more

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No way as way to make it into the HK movie biz

Finally...I have returned back to Alive Not Dead to post a blog entry. For those who come to my page and see the brief but insightful thoughts, I thank you.

Time slips away when one is having fun and before you know it, another year has gone by. Being back in Hong Kong, I I realize how much I have missed the fun, excitement, smell, taste, wonders and all the small details that make Hong Kong a truly unique place of its own.

As I travel back to Asia every year, I always have a few goals in mind: ...Read more

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