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Bored in the US and a love for Jolin

Happy Chinese New Year to all! I've been back in the CA now about 2 weeks and I tell you, its still the strange feeling that I had when I came back in 2010. A bit of boredom and no matter what I am doing, I am constantly thinking of wanting to go back overseas.

To keep me somewhat from being bored to death, I watch and listen to anything Chinese...especially my favorite singer Jolin Tsai. Browsing through Baidu, I found some new Jolin pictures and news and all I can say is I am excited to see the release of her next album. If I am lucky to be back in China for longer this year, I might catch a concert again if she is having one.

I still listen to Jolin's Myself album every time I get into my car. It brings me a bit of Asia while in the US. Now it is partly being in CA that bores me but it may also be the thought of being stuck at a cubicle, uninterested and fearing I will become a "regular" person.

Thus I am thankful to have Jolin's music to inspire me to try my best to keep busy here in the states until I get back to Asia later in the year. Hopefully I will get lucky and meet Jolin as well :)

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