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Back from the Olympics in London 2012

Peek-a-boo I am back updating whoever actually checks out my page that I hardly check myself! Social media is going overboard since the launch of Facebook because every year there seems to be a new site for connecting with friends, employers and the like. It's become almost a job in itself for me to just try and meet with someone. No more phone calls or old fashion emails. Everyone is logging onto a site to email me instead.

But nevertheless, I hope whoever reads my short blog entries get some fun out of my world experiences. I was in London helping out with the US Olympic Team prepare for Team Processing before opening ceremony. This means getting all US athletes and coaches all their essential gear and bags ready. It was not like I got to hang out with Michael Phelps or Lolo Jones...though I sure wish I had at least been able to meet Lolo Jones in person.

It was a fun time and London is always a fun place to be. Got to see friends and meet new ones. In addition I still was able to find a great new Muay Thai gym to train everyday and ate a lot of Indian food. On my opinion, Indian food in England far surpasses any other place I've eaten. Not sure why that is but no matter how good a reviewer says about Indian food in the US, it can't beat what the UK has to offer.

I'm getting back to training and hopefully personal training as a job and most likely around end of the year I will be back in Asia again. My yearly ritual as I call it. Till then, enjoy 2012 and thanks to those who check up on my page..however empty it may be. It's the effort that counts.

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