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Robyn Doris

Just finished a piece that was really exciting to create.

The hot doris is Robyn Williamson, a Canadian model based here in Hong Kong.

She is the clients girlfriend (lucky man).

I wanted to capture movement in the hair and then build abstract 'shizzle' into the piece using a combination of digital and analogue techniques.

1st up I wanted to take some reference shots to work from so I got in touch with the talented Jasper McIlroy.

Here's us shooting, and experimenting how to get the best hair without the use of an industrial wind machine (where the typhoons when you need one?!).

Luckily for me, Cara (who was helping me to style and direct the shoot) has the ingenious idea of madly flapping around one of the light reflectors.

Also helping out was David Elliot, who himself is a talented photographer, so i was really blessed with a funkalicious (and goddamn hot!) group of people to help me realise my vision!

Here are a couple of my favourite shots:

I had a bit of a play with my blessed mac, had it printed onto a (huuuge) canvas and painted / spraypainted / inked the rest of it. Here's the finished product:

150cm x 100cm. Mixed Media on canvas.

Thanks to all involved :)


Robyn Williamson http://www.starzpeople.com/profile/female_models/Caucasian/Robyn%20Williamson/profile.html

Jesper Mcilroy www.alivenotdead.com/jespermcilroy

David Elliot www.alivenotdead.com/davidREPhotography

Cara G www.alivenotdead.com/carag

Big shout out to: Roland, The client - good taste la ;)

Craig, Art Pimp - supporting me always (u rock)

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Photo 63849
nice work!
about 14 years ago
Photo 63849
awesome - this gonna be up at UFO?
about 14 years ago
Photo 95928
Awesome collaboration. Now that's art!
about 14 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
beautiful piece....love the ink!
about 14 years ago
Photo 248210
about 14 years ago
Photo 53024
Gorgeous! Aww and you gave her wings too. Pretty!! :)
about 14 years ago


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