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I'm constantly on the go and super busy so my make up routine needs to be effortless. Something I can do quickly on the go but also gives me the coverage I need without feeling over done.

MyArmarniCushion is the perfect accessory. Weightless coverage that leaves my skin looking and feeling silky smooth.

My new best friend 🙏 Discover more: http://bit.ly/2vK5J5x

myarmanitogo #No1foundation #ArmaniBeautyHK

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Snuggles on set shooting with @gosponge 📷 @michellejproctor

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This picture sums up the life of a working fashion mummy. Make up on the go by @gosponge pics by @michellejproctor and my partner in crime on this shoot @dressmeblogme I swear there is a rule never work with children or animals for a reason!

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First day of Playgroup for Freija and first day of K1 for India ❤️ That deserves a 🍦 xx #themcilroys #indiaandfreija

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Really hoping to get here in the next couple of days to reset a little ....... I need to get here.

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I'm not going to lie ironing is not my strength. I usually burn things, yikes! This new iron from Philips has optimalTEMP technology so you don’t need to wait for the temperature to adjust. You can also iron ANY fabric without biting it ... woohooo. The powerful steam function kills germs & smells on even thick fabrics like coats so great to do before storing them and no need to worry about snuggling your stinky pooches anymore. Although Roxy does smell like roses 🌹 😂 IG: @philipshk #philipshk #garmentcare

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When you leave Daddy to do breakfast hahahhaha

mumvsdad #themcilroys #freijarain #alwaysfunwithdaddy

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Current mood 😝


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I never thought being a working mother would be so challenging. Sleepless nights and long days play their toll on my health wellness and of course my skin. It's so important for me to take time out for myself to strengthen my mind, body and soul. Reset after those long relentless nights so that I can be the best mother, wife and boss I can be. Being still in nature is how I find my "PowerSelf" . Through the stillness I find strength and with the right skincare I find confidence. How do you find your "Powerself?"


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It's already Wednesday 😊 @jespermcilroy

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