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Snack time at High Street Cart Noodles ..... yum

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Not without Bun Bun Mummy

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Vegan bullet proof coffee with choc - hazelnut milk for me and a peppermint choc - hazelnut milk for India 😋

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Winter is here and so are our new delicious VEGAN COFFEES!!!!! Let me hear you say WOOHOO

We use the best ingredients to create the yummiest coffees in town! Choose a regular coffee but with vegan milk - SOY - CHOC HAZELNUT - ALMOND Or try one of our specialty coffees: VEGAN BULLET PROOF ( using coffee, organic coconut butter and organic coconut oil , add your favourite organic milk from above to create something extra special) PEPPERMINT CHOC-HAZELNUT LATTE ( using coffee, YOUNG LIVING 100% pure essential oil and CHOC hazelnut milk ) TURMERIC LATTE ( usi...Read more

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Kids in bed, Hubby out of town so I'm eating a whole bar of raw chocolate on top of fruit and Greek yogurt for dinner because I can.

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India just popped all her babies down for a nap

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Sunday fun day

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After 10 years my mind is still blown away at the fact we live in this concrete jungle and now have 2 kids ...... Crazy

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A very brave bird at our picnic this afternoon

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Don't miss this recipe it's so perfect for this season 📷 @jespermcilroy Blog link in bio @catwalkstocradles

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