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With this little one to chase after, her sister and a belly the size of 2 watermelons I’m so excited about Clé de Peau Beauté new eye cream. Bring it on baby, rid me of these panda eyes!

It was kinda nice having my little date with me tonight, cutest terror around. Thanks for having me and the monster Clé de Peau Beauté xxx ?

Clé de Peau Beauté #cledepeaubeaute #cledepeauhk #RadianceIs #ANewLight #numberonepr Number One PR Communication Limited M Square Agency Ltd.

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How many times in our life will we be confronted with crossroads. Small decisions with large impactful consequences that drive our path in a new direction. Change can be uplifting and terrifying but being able to embrace the beauty it can bring must override the fear. Fear can hold us back from our dreams. Don’t accept anything short of nirvana, it’s out there.

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Don’t forget to giggle ?

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So today I will let it rain but tomorrow may there be sun .... please ??

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Out with the bump in Macau to celebrate the reopening of the cartier store in the Four Seasons. Thanks for having me and teasing me with all your glittery goodness. ? Cartier DFS Occasions 天機公關




occasionspr @ Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip

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We are so fortunate to welcome our third baby to the family. During this pregnancy journey, I have been constantly reminding myself of the importance of health, nutrition and immunity protection. Trying out Anmum’s ASSURA maternal milk powder for the first time and I LOVE IT! DR20 is a precious probiotics which is recommended by obstetricians and the ingredient has been recently added to Anmum ASSURA. It may help to reduce the chance of gestational diabetes mellitus and may protect against eczema from baby. Being a mother is all about giving the best to our childre...Read more

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Rain rain go away so me and my belly can come out and play


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Basically I have gone back to my farm girl roots and only wear overalls now and I’m ok with that. These comfy ones are from the newly launched @lepetitsociety maternity range.

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That weekend feeling

TheMcIlroys #FreijaRain

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As you can tell we spend most of our days with sand between our toes enjoying the sun kissing our cheeks. Mother Nature built us the perfect playground and we are grateful to live amongst it’s beauty. Although the whole sand following us into the car, then the house and our beds drive me nuts. Why is sand so hard to wash out of tiny human heads? This will forever baffle me

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