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hello HK

So it's been wonderful but the time has come to get my ass back to Asia.  Back to sun, spice and all things nice that i have missed oh so much since being in London.  Be sure to drop by soon and I'll blog about my "euro summer of 2011"

Good bye London.. Hello Honkers

 feel happy and sad at the same time.... confusing

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Hello, hello.... are you proud of me?  I kept my promise.  I'm back and blogging again in no time woo hoo.  This is just a short one but it's still counts!

Mainly i just wanted to share my vignette for Nat Geo.  Now this is the first of 3.  Hope you like it xxxxxxxxxx mwha

PS Fiji is amazing everyone must put it on their bucket list xx

so click on the link and wait for the pop up and waalllaaa there's me :)

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latest test shoot in Denmark

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Blog: Sunday, Jul 10

So here is my lastest commercial.... There are 2 version's one is PG one is M haha.  Hope you like them xxxx



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Back from the Dead

Ok guys I know what your thinking.  Cara who?????? I know i know i'm officially the worst blogger EVER. I could give you a bunch of excuses but really it simply comes down to me being a lazy ass.  That also may be the reason why I'm not giving you an excuse. hmmmmmm

Well I'm back after about a year, I think. Crazy.  Time really does fly.  Well so much has happened since i last blogged.  I must have brushed my teeth as least 730 times and gone to bed at least 365 times.  Ok I'll be a little more serious. haha.  Well I have been traveling the globe non-stop this last year. It's kinda crazy and awesome.  The first most exciting thing that happened in the last year would be that I got a dog and her name is Roxy and she is radical.  I love her oh so much.  The second best thing best thing would be my job as the new face for channel (V) international. Oh and that I recently started to do a few little things for NAT GEO which is my all time favorite channel EVER. So pretty exciting stuff going down. Now currently I'm on a little break in Europe (that sounds special huh) It's kind of a working holiday but honestly there has been more holidaying (that's for sure not a word) then working. All I have been doing is traveling, watching music and eating, and drinking beer. But you know what, i think I deserve it.  I was working my butt off before i left. Well i guess now I'll add some pics so you can go on a little photo journey of my last 12 months.  Much easier then typing the bloody thing haha.......

So this gives you a rough idea of what i have been up too. Now i could keep this going on and on but in no time it will start to look like a coffee book so I'll leave you here in Denmark, catch you sooner then a year , I promise xxxxxxx

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As I mentioned before in an earlier blog I recently worked with french director Jean Claude Tibult and Shaun Yue on a short film for VOGUE China.

This experience was so amazing for me, I learnt so much and had a great time doing it.  Made some good friends along the way too.  What more could you ask for really.

Anyway here is it, hope you like it x


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So this year has been quite the a whirlwind and seems to be moving faster then the years before.  Much faster.  I can't believe it's May.  Seeing I have not written a proper blog this year I guess I should start from the beginning.

This year started with a bang in Vegas for me.  Sipping champagne with Neo, the Hiltons and the big boys in the city of sin.  That's how I roll these days ha ha ha (NOT). 

After painting the town red I moved on to LA.  I had never been there so it was very interesting.  Not what I had pictured in my head but nothing ever is I guess.  Then I headed to San Diago which I loved, reminded me of home but with seals everywhere which I thought was pretty awesome.  I wanted to give them all wet kisses.

After that i said good bye to one of my best mates and headed back to the Kong.

Since I have been back I have been busy with work and school.  Yes you heard me, school.  Now word of advice think before you study online it's a bitch i tell you.  Takes some serious disipline which I didn't have when I signed up.  Now it's getting a little easier but not much.  At least I'm trying though, right?  The most exciting thing this year so far is 100% my puppy (i'm blushing as I write about her)  We got her from the dog rescue and she is amazing.  She really brings so much joy to my life and I feel so blessed to have her.  Love you Roxy xxx

Hmmmmmmmm what else......

Oh yes, I just came back from Bali.  Well actually some islands near Bali.  My girlfriend Steph and I needed some R and R (due to all the studying I have been doing) so we went on a girls vacation.  We had a bloody blast but it was a girls trip and what happens in Bali stays in Bali ha ha.  So that's all I can tell you about that.

Oh and before I forget I also did a short film, with some awesome people but I'll write a blog about that later cause I'm not sure what I can tell you about that.

Also we went camping this weekend, it was amazing.  Hong Kong really does have some great beaches if your willing to travel and hike a bit.  The water was stunning really clean and blue, the weather was perfect also.  Could not have asked for more really

Till next time............

Lots of love cara xxxxxxx

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 So I'm officially the worst blogger in the history of blogging.  I do have loads of reasons or excuses though.  I work, study, I'm a new mummy (to my puppy), slave (ha, ha) and so on.  I will put a blog up of all my adventures from Jan-Feb 2010 very soon but to keep you interested (that is if I have not lost all my fans yet from being a slack ass) here is my showreel.  It's not 100% finished but it's what I have for now.  It's so hard to get clients to give you copies of your work, it sucks.  I really don't understand it.  Even I know how to make a dvd you just press burn.  Anyway no hard feelings.  So here's what I have got (thanks to all my clients that made dvd's for me) xxx

Hope you like it, will be much better when I have got everything on it


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Hi everyone Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, sorry I have been maybe the worst blogger ever lately but i have been travelling around the states and as soon as i get back to Hong kong in a weeks time i will fill you all in on my many adventures  .Till then be safe and all the best for 2010

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The big chop!

So I did it at last.  I cut off my long locks and I love love love it.  Here is a pic.  Not a great one, but one so you can see it at least :)

Everyone says I look so young now which can't be bad he he

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