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RT @ADBEnvironment: .@CraigLeeson presents some solutions for reducing plastic use and waste, including: making recycled plastics cheaper &…

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RT @ADBEnvironment: .@CraigLeeson - When plastic floats long enough in the ocean, it starts to look and smell like food, leading marine lif…

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RT @PEMSEA: A harrowing presentation by @CraigLeeson of @PlasticOceans showing how plastics are found everywhere in the ocean, from uninhab…

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RT @ADBEnvironment: .@CraigLeeson shares the reality of marine pollution, in the course of filming #APlasticOcean. 70% of waste that reache…

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What will it be like when all we are left with are films and holographs of the animals we “shared” planet earth wit… https://t.co/tI66FVFcLB

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Maybe it was just folklore at the time, but my understanding ever since Trump came on my radar as a failed junk bon… https://t.co/UxoTOSVuUs

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RT @ADBEnvironment: Glad to have you back, @CraigLeeson! Looking forward to today's session on Curbing #MarinePollution w/ you, @ADBEnviron…

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Wake up Australia.... https://t.co/WG1tw1ZKHD

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Great to be here Christian. And I have a killer ppt for you and the audience tomorrow. 😀 https://t.co/KHRiVuSeud

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How do you know when your audience is engaged? When the Q&A after the presentation goes for an hour! #presenting… https://t.co/vMhVLPLAIs

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Hong Kong
June 16, 2008

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