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usually when shit happens to us, we're like, "damn...did that just happen???"

but there comes a rare (and precious) time when, for a split second, you have the clarity to realize that you have come to a CROSSROADS...

I initially was only scheduled to stay in HK for three weeks...but I guess some people feel that there are no ACCIDENTS in this world...and I g...Read more

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Vital AnD Statistics

So, as you know, I am working on this new TV show that a couple of us AnD'ers created. 


And (that's the prepostion "and" and not the abbreviation "AnD"), often we sit together for hours on end and work. 

One night (in mid September) upon reaching delirium status, i gots to thinking. ...Read more

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I'm Cheating on You

Dear Derrick,

I wish I had the courage to do this in person....but I am weak.  You've made me weak.  I don't even recognize who I am anymore when I am around you.  You gave me some of my best memories, here, in Hong Kong, when I was away from home. 

But, all good things must come to an end.  Isn't that what you'd always told me? 

I've found a new office away from home...and I've found a new person to share it with.  I'm sorry.  Ironically, you were the one to Read more

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Do Not Miss this commercial for Delay No Mall.

Seriously, guys.  Delay No More, and for the love of G.O.D. make sure that you check out the new commercial that we shot. 

It's going to be airing on the SOGO screens for 12 hours straight, twice an hour, on the hour and every half hour. 

Here is some behind the scenes amazing-ness (props to B and her camera skillz for these photos)

First, the hijack

...<aRead more

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So, here it is!  The unofficial official unveiling of my new project.  Most of you already know about it due to Rob's AnD friends being my And friends, but in case you haven't heard....

Here it is.....introducing.....


"A Western Perspective through Eastern Eyes: a Look at HK via Comedy and Ridiculous Stunts"

But seriously folks, we all literally met in a bar at a networking event, and we've been...Read more

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Get ready for a big SURPRISE!

We are hard at work to deliver everyone here some top secret deliciousness.  Stay tuned!

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disneyland in HK with a girl from the UK and i'm not JK...

Disneyland in the HK!  What can I say?  Tiny!!!!  It was quite a random trip actually.  PeaPops had a friend Michelle in town from the UK.  She had NEVER EVER been to a single Disneyland franchise.  i took it upon myself to educate her on the wonderful world of disney!

first thing we hit up....the delicious mickey mouse ice cream on a stick!

Read more

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singapore some sugar on me

man.  just flew back from Singapore, and boy, are my arms tired!  wah wah.

Was in Singers directing and shooting 6 music videos!  But before everyone gives me kudos and tells me how awesome I am,  let me just say that it was for a kids program in the local neighborhood schools. 

We did some dancing, we did some shooting, we did some singing, and as witnessed in this pic below...Read more

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Nerd Alert: SIMON YIN Book Club

So, after coming to hong Kong, I've collected quite a book collection!  Over the past two months, I've been gorging and pummeling my brain with all the fiction one man can handle. 

Upon coming to Hong Kong, I started with this book

It's about a guy who shot another guy, but while  on the run, he saves a life.  Does anyone know McCammon?  If you don't, you should!...Read more

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My Mom: The Movie


Simon anxiously walks up to meet his mom who is visiting from Atlanta, GA.  Simon is so happy that he gets to see his mommy.


                         Mom!  I've missed--


                         You are late.


                         Oh, I'm s...Read more

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