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On Monday, I got a chance to see the first MMA event ever in Hong Kong.  Actually, I do not know if that statement is true, but it sounds DAMN good! 

Ladies and Gentlemen....


OK, that's LEGENDS OF THE FALL (one of my all time favorite movies...but I digress).  OK, seriously, Ladies an...Read more

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2009...I salute you.

Wow.  It's been a crazy year!  Hong Kong is truly an amazing city and I thank you all for being a part of this wonderful journey! 

First order of business, if you are looking for something to do on NYE, make sure to come out to the AnD party at ZUMA!  Patrick has pledged that he will go balls to the wall and has also proclaimed that he will be the last man standing!  I think seeing THAT ALONE is worth the price of admission!

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Congrats to the entire team at Blood Bond for a wrap on their shoot!!!!

Simon Yin and Simon Yam in the house.  This dude is SUPER nice!

For all the gritty details, head over to producer extraordinaire Bey Logan's BBB (Blood Bond Blog). 

Speaking of Bey Logan, he  called out on one of his Read more

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"TRY ________ and FAIL"

This weekend was Jeanne Hartman's Take 3, acting workshop.  Jeanne said that this was not only the best acting class, but also the best looking, as well.

Well, maybe not, but it sure sounds good! 

It felt really good to be in class, working those acting muscles again.  The best thing about Jeanne's class is that she challenges you with work that she think...Read more

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WEBiSODES that will make your insides EXPLODES

HEY GANG!   It's been crazy busy here in Simon-land.  Stay tuned for a pair of music videos that CB FRESH did with amazing rocker and roller, Ryan Hui...Behind the Scenes Ridiculousness:Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxSWDNtVByU...Read more

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LUMINA: A Year in the Making


Got a sneak peak at the upcoming webisode series, LUMINA tonight...and I gotta say it looks fantastic! 

Tune in tonight, MIDNIGHT, HK TIME for the world (wide web) premiere of LUMINA!


Mad props to Jen and R...Read more

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A Journey into the Center of ESPRIT

If you've been blind (or haven't been on AnD for a while) you might not know about the ESPRIT NEW FACE campaign.

Tonight, the CB FRESH COLLECTIVE (sans Rob Lok) went to the second round interview at the HK corporate headquarters in Kowl...Read more

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If you love her, let her know,

hold her tight, don't let her go,

take care of business, best as you can,

and let her know that you are her man.

I found out some disturbing news yesterday and I had to express it. 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1YWjPTfjRo

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The TV show, FUN TAIWAN is looking for a new co-host!

Here is the original promo video:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SFwE3D1gO0

And here is my tape:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S739owH_pbs Thanks to Derrick Fong (Derrick-tor of Fong-tography), Spencer Douglass, Chris Collins, and Fightin' Fit Hong Kong! 

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ANI-COM...more like ANTI-COM

So, some of us went to the Comics and Games Fair known as Ani-Com 2009.

It sucked.  It was literally wall to wall people.  So packed, in fact, that we didn't get to browse or look or anything.  We ended up eating hot dogs and imitation shark fin soup instead. 

We also got a glimpse of this new crazy coca-cola.  Once you open, it....it freezes to give you an ultra...Read more

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