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Nerd Alert: SIMON YIN Book Club

So, after coming to hong Kong, I've collected quite a book collection!  Over the past two months, I've been gorging and pummeling my brain with all the fiction one man can handle. 

Upon coming to Hong Kong, I started with this book

It's about a guy who shot another guy, but while  on the run, he saves a life.  Does anyone know McCammon?  If you don't, you should!  Rating:  7/10.

The first book I actually bought in HK was this:

I had read ALL of Dan Brown's books except for this one.  So I said, "what the heck."  Bought it.  Read it.  Didn't hate it.  Didn't love it.  It was about the Illuminati.  And God.  And Pizza.  Rating:  6/10.

Then I moved on to something that caused real

this book was actually really good.  I love fast reads, and this one took me about a weekend.  Secret lives, CIA, conspiracy, love.  dope.  Rating:  8/10.

And since I was going through these mind stimulating stories, I decided to buy two.  these two looked interesting. 

verdict:  they are not.  nothing worse than reading a book, and it just doesn't catch keep your attention.  these two were about submarines, oil rigs, secret bombs, and smart dudes that are super sexy (atleast that is how I pictured them in my head.)  Rating: 5/10.

But my favorites are by Lee Child

Jsut look at those titles!  EXCITING!

Jack Reacher is his protagonist and he is a kick ass ex military policeman.  He is a loner, and all he has is the clothes on his back and a folding travel toothbrush.  He's not looking for trouble, but trouble always seems to find him.  He always gets the ladies, but don't get it twisted, he kicks some serious butt!   Rating: 9/10.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog, is that I would like to share these wondrous works with you.  Let's trade some books and get educated, people! 

What are some of your "MUST READS?"

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The last two I read and liked: "Bad Monkeys" by Matt Ruff and "When you are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris ..... I like my humor twisted... and/or with a twinge of bitchiness.... :-)
about 12 years ago
some titles by Sidney Sheldon, Osho, Conn Iggulden, James Redfield, José Saramago.. crimes, paranormal, health & science.. i love jap manga too.. heh..
about 12 years ago
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Currently: SHANTARAM by Gregory David Roberts BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell
about 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i haven't read stuff for a while ... i like sci-fi and fantasy...
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