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disneyland in HK with a girl from the UK and i'm not JK...

Disneyland in the HK!  What can I say?  Tiny!!!!  It was quite a random trip actually.  PeaPops had a friend Michelle in town from the UK.  She had NEVER EVER been to a single Disneyland franchise.  i took it upon myself to educate her on the wonderful world of disney!

first thing we hit up....the delicious mickey mouse ice cream on a stick!

Every bit as delicious as I remember!

Then we headed to the  Circle of Life with the FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING!  Cute little fun production.  Not quite as enthralling as the Broadway production, but pretty darn enjoyable!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRyYyg3RslM Then I asked mickey to marry me, and he proceeded to laugh in my face.

Randomness of the day:  We were at Space Mountain (where there was absolutely NO queue) and I hear some English speakers, and where are they from?  My hometown of Atlanta...in the same suburb, no less!

The girl actually went to the same High School, too....ONLY 6 years after I graduated (let's not talk about that.)

I think the best part of the HK Disney experience was the Animation Academy!  (YEs, I am an official graduate.)  First, they have a live ZEOTROPE on display (i believe that is what they called it).  In essence, it is a bunch of 3-D models that each differ a little bit (much like a flip book).  Then it is spun around real fast and a strobe is used to create the animation.  Don't get it?  Me neither.  Check the vid:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1-Ob0Lh-DY

And the REALLY cool thing is that they offer a 15 min crash course on how to draw your very own Mickey!  Check the Skillz!

Well, that is about it!  We met up with PeaPops, Robilicious, Lara D, Lola, and Dr, Freelove at llama island and I didn't see a single Llama (that joke NEVER gets old!)  But we did have some bomb seafood! 

Now, I gots to sleep!  holler at ya'll later!

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I've been there twice over the last 3 years n it never felt as enjoyable as you made it out to be... only the Winnie the Pooh adventure ride, the 3D Donald animation and the Jungle cruise was fun... and the closing fireworks... *haha... next time can you come along and make our trip a little more perky??? ;o)
about 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i thought it was well done too
about 12 years ago


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