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Vital AnD Statistics

So, as you know, I am working on this new TV show that a couple of us AnD'ers created. 


And (that's the prepostion "and" and not the abbreviation "AnD"), often we sit together for hours on end and work. 

One night (in mid September) upon reaching delirium status, i gots to thinking.  Out of our crew, I wondered who had the highest number of visitors on their AnD page?

Well, as you can see Chung Tsang is the clear winner with a solid 8844 total visitors, and me with a weak showing at a second to last finish with 5397 visitors. 

But, THEN, I got to thinking, "but some people have been on this site longer than others, so..."

I couldn't believe it, but I had been on the site the longest at 312 days (almost a year!)  And now I remember why.  My friend Pamelyn told me about the site while I was still in LA, and I must confess that I was totally not as prolific then, as I am now.  [Question:  is that even the right word?  Prolific?  Sounds good....and back to the story]

OK.  Hmm.  Interesting.  So, the next logical step in analyzing the data, of course, is the number that ALL members of AnD should consider....


And check it.  Our own ROB LOK comes in first with 45.28 average visitors per day!

But of course, AnD GOD and ICON, PATRICK LEE comes in with a MIND BLOWING 137.22 average visitors per day.  Now that's FRESH! 

So, the REAL question here is...

can anyone here dethrone Patrick Lee as the most popular member on ALIVENOTDEAD (as measured by AVPD)?

If, by some insane miracle, you can beat PATRICK "THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON on AnD" LEE as the King, then the boys at CB FRESH will buy you and a guest dinner at Tsui Wah.

Also, after reading this post, there's no wonder why I have no girlfriend.  Woe is me.

(feel free to post your numbers here, anyway!)

may the games begin!

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Photo 43244
update: YTD, 40.8% increase since september at 24.5 AVPD. Holla.
about 12 years ago
someone has a lot of free time =P
about 12 years ago
Photo 23907
haha you seem to really like making charts ~ that's a skill right there lol
about 12 years ago
Photo 53977
hahaha.. try to post something controversial examp. someone else's love scandal xD worked on Etchy's before :p with pictures would be fab!
about 12 years ago
Photo 140401
poor baby! u been here the longest n u got the least visitors. rob is jus killin it~~ hehe.... i'm sure after the DNM ad your numbers will rise significantly. ; ] x
about 12 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
nice shot;)
about 12 years ago
Photo 43244
Daniel Wu: 601.16 AVPD. Wow.
about 12 years ago
Photo 98004
58.2/d - Luckily, it went down considerably after I locked my blog for "Members only". I feel, hmmmm, let's say, "safer" that way :-)
about 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahahah crazy!!! i think nic tse or karen mok got to be pretty high up there. actually etchy and gilgamesh are the most popular normal users i think...
about 12 years ago
about 12 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Unless you're a mega star (or rottendoubt, who, as we all know is the MAN at AnD), you will have to resort to underhanded means to generate mega hits. Now time for the disclaimer: these are only hypothetical ideas, I am not saying that you (or anyone else) could or should do such things, but...if you want to increase visits to your blog... 1) post a celebrity sex scandal with XXX-rated pics and/or vids (though this would not only get you, but also everyone at AnD admin thrown in the poky lickety-split), so maybe you're not quite THAT desperate :-) 2) so this brings us to #2, try and post tasteful nude photos of extremely hot women, call them art, try and post pics from well-known and edgy photographers that people might have heard of (Terry Richardson, for example), then you will have to post a warning that the blog features nudity (a sure fire draw) 3) produce a movie and promote the hell out of it on AnD with behind the scenes making-of blogs with vids and photos of top name stars (that is if you can unseat the likes of Mr. Bey Logan from the catbird seat over at Weinstein) 4) if all else fails, become a media star yourself! Then, when you have reached the level of fame of, say a Jet Li, a Daniel Wu or the lovely Karen Mok, your multitude of fans will naturally migrate to your AnD profile for the latest poop on their favorite star 5) start dating a star--there are plenty of lovely HK starlets who seem to be curiously single, and many of them have ties to AnD. Be the boy toy in her entourage, become her own private tech geek (remember Beauty and the Geek), translate the Kama Sutra from the original Sanskrit for your lovely lady, complete with 12 in anatomically correct action figures to demonstrate the more complicated, ahem, postures, and be sure and blog all about it! RIGHT! Now back to reality. I have no idea how to generate visits to your blog. All I can offer is what you mom probably told you as a kid--just be yourself, share, take turns, and, if it comes naturally, be funny. Not everyone is going to be super popular. Some complain (like rottendoubt) of being TOO popular. Be who you are, and love it. Then you'll have the right number of AnD friends and fans for you. I have noticed a funny thing about AnD, though; the more people who visit your blog, the more people who visit your blog. Things increase exponentially. Mostly, blog yourself, and contribute, when appropriate by leaving comments on others blogs. The more visible you are on AnD, the more folks will be curious about who you are and what you're up to. Trust me, it works.
almost 12 years ago


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