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On Monday, I got a chance to see the first MMA event ever in Hong Kong.  Actually, I do not know if that statement is true, but it sounds DAMN good! 

Ladies and Gentlemen....


OK, that's LEGENDS OF THE FALL (one of my all time favorite movies...but I digress).  OK, seriously, Ladies and Gentlemen....


It was an exciting night.  I honestly went with no expectations, but came out LOVING it!  Probably because I was making a raucous!

ABOVE:  that's me in the background making fun of J BS because i SWEAR one of the fighters was his twin brother!!!!! 

C'mon.  Just look!!!! 

JBS or Kwon A Sol?  You be the judge!

Anyway, the set-up was real nice too...

But then there was a lot of bromance action going on....

Hometown hero KENNY was in the house to represent!

ABOVE:  buttocks of steel!

The match of the night for me was the last one.

Korea vs. Australia.  Right away, the Korean dude looked much more fierce, and he was much more of a showman, so I sided with him to win the match.  And for the most part, the Korean guy dominated.  But you know what, the Aussie had so much heart, man.  His face was all beat up...

"like a pancake."

   - Desmond S.

his eye was swollen shut, and he kept on fighting...never giving up!!!!  At one point, the Korean broke the Aussie's nose, and blood ran out of it like a faucet!  Eeeewwww!  And it was his heart that won the crowd over...and me, too!  It was like a real life ROCKY moment!!!  Yo, Adrianne!

And so, now I know that you are like, "damn, man...I wish I was there.  I wish someone would have taken video for me, and then edited it together and then put some fun music on top of it."

Well, Simon Yin is here to deliver.

Enjoy, the LEGEND FC Greatest Hits!!!  (Get it...."HITS")?  WoW.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv3UCPDG5X8

Thanks AliveNotDead for an awesome event!  Can't wait for the next one! 

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Nadiahatta 25 nadiahatta
Cool event. Wish I could go just to see the buns of steel.... How fun.
over 10 years ago
Nice job, dude! Where did you get that shot of Adrian vs. the Korean Nut Kicker? Was that a promo pic? I like how your music made everything seem warm and fuzzy when in fact, these guys were hammering the sh*t out of each other.
over 10 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Where's the shot of the broken nose? I want more blood.
over 10 years ago
Photo 23319
Any footage of the O-bon festival? Any fighters honk the other fighter's nose?
over 10 years ago
Photo 35751
really, I thought it was overblown and long winded
over 10 years ago
Photo 35751
lol, haven't heard the term bromance before, it's good.
over 10 years ago
Photo 51946
over 10 years ago
Photo 321088
oh that's freaky
over 10 years ago
Photo 321088
which one is which?
over 10 years ago
Photo 321088
I dunno but I don't think they're doing it all for the glory of love.
over 10 years ago
Photo 61114
over 10 years ago


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