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Please help upvote my friend Wesley Ng's new product at Casetify on Product Hunt.

Link is below but it works better if you go to Product Hunt directly and then search and upvote it. Thanks!

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ramen in Copenhagen! they have a ticket machine and everything. 😀

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woah... trending on Facebook between the Osbournes and Jenners!

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For those of you that have been touched by Richard Min, please help! =/

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hobo interns

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Did a FacebookLive Q&A with my friend Alex Mehr today. Check it out and subscribe to his page (www.facebook.com/drmehrshow)! We start the interview around 3:30 minutes in. =)

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never liked the dyson hand dryers, always felt like i was playing a game of "operation" trying to avoid touching the sides.

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pretty messed up. =/

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watson's japanese has an accent? 😓

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ohana means family!

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