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it's got electrolytes

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For my friends in Hong Kong --

Acting coach Jeanne Hartman is coming back to Hong Kong. I took her acting class a few years ago to work on my fear of public speaking and it helped a lot. Since I took her class, I stopped avoiding speaking engagements ... now I actually enjoy it! For those of you looking to improve your public speaking (or those of you wanting to improve your acting skills), I highly recommend taking Jeanne's course.

More info below: "Jeanne Hartman, Hollywood acting coach, returns to Hong Kong to teach her professional acti...Read more

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how the heck is facebook allowing these ads to run? when you click on the extremely misleading title, it brings you to a fake ESPN site (notice the URL) trying to sell you supplements. facebook needs to clean out crap like this ASAP.

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Will be helping to host "Whisky Business" tomorrow night at Modernist. Please RSVP at the link below if you can make it!


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I'll be speaking at the SYNC SF conference hosted by PingWest next week on Tuesday 10/18. Will be talking about the history of Rotten Tomatoes. Come swing by and say hi if you are around and free! I'll be up right after lunch from 1:20-1:50pm.

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So I've been seeing a number of folks in my friend feed sharing this article on Facebook: http://nextshark.com/reviews-bruce-lee-biopic-asians-pissed/

A number of my friends worked on this film, including the actor playing Bruce Lee, Philip Ng. I asked him for his thoughts on the matter (see attached photos).

My own thoughts: 1) I'm pretty sure the majority of the user reviews on IMDB referenced in the article are from people that haven't actually se...Read more

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Just got my ticket! Please come join and support! =)

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Please help upvote my friend Wesley Ng's new product at Casetify on Product Hunt.

Link is below but it works better if you go to Product Hunt directly and then search and upvote it. Thanks!

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ramen in Copenhagen! they have a ticket machine and everything. 😀

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woah... trending on Facebook between the Osbournes and Jenners!

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ohana means family!


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August 4, 2005

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