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Did a FacebookLive Q&A with my friend Alex Mehr today. Check it out and subscribe to his page (www.facebook.com/drmehrshow)! We start the interview around 3:30 minutes in. =)

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never liked the dyson hand dryers, always felt like i was playing a game of "operation" trying to avoid touching the sides.

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pretty messed up. =/

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watson's japanese has an accent? 😓

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return of the Asian Invasion! great seeing my old friends from high school. =)

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rotten tomatoes panel at wondercon! (i'm just an observer) 😀

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Have 1 extra ticket. Show is TONIGHT at 6:20pm at the Alamo Drafthouse in SF. Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to join. No need to pay for the ticket. Thanks!

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My friends Charles Huang (co-founder of Guitar Hero) and Lillian Qian sponsor a scholar program at his alma mater, UC Berkeley, that sends 10 kids each year to China for 2 summers -- 1 summer to study Chinese and 1 summer to do an internship.

One of the scholars is interested in a finance-related position in HK or China. Anyone over there in the finance field who might be able to provide an internship?

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FYI, my friend's company is currently live in Mountain View and San Mateo. They are looking to expand into Millbrae. Sign up if you're interested and located in Millbrae!

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My friend Hildy Fong asked me to share. Please feel free to contact her directly if you are interested. Thanks!

More info: "An exciting travel opportunity to Africa this summer with the UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health!

It is a summer immersion "do-good" trip where we are hoping to gather a small group of leaders in the community who have an interest in improving local and global populations--but interested in travel and adventure as well.

We will travel to 3 countries in 10 days — Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda — whe...Read more

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ohana means family!

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