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"TRY ________ and FAIL"

This weekend was Jeanne Hartman's Take 3, acting workshop.  Jeanne said that this was not only the best acting class, but also the best looking, as well.

Well, maybe not, but it sure sounds good! 

It felt really good to be in class, working those acting muscles again.  The best thing about Jeanne's class is that she challenges you with work that she thinks will challenge YOU as the actor (and most of the time she is spot on). 

I had to play a paralyzed man who, after 6 months of being stuck in a hospital bed, decides to tell his girlfriend to scram because he doesn't love here anymore (but what does he really feel????) 

And then I had to play a character that loves pumpkins and sheep.  I'll let Jeanne explain that one to you later. 

The class is a really good chance to explore all facets of acting, from all levels.  The title of this blog and the iceberg picture were two of the coolest things Jeanne said to us this whole weekend. 

Wanna know what it all means?  Then click HERE

Thanks to a wonderful class and a wonderful teacher and a wonderful Jason Tobin.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
man how come you guys get all the hawt girls in your class? =P my classes are almost always all dudes.
almost 11 years ago
Photo 75282
Simon, you must having alot of new ideas come up after the class, hope you can bring it to us in the future
almost 11 years ago
Photo 321088
simon, you know a sista's mind doesn't work right after work. what the fuck did girl say about the title and iceburg. iceburg i'm guessing has something to do with the 80/20 principle from marketing. if i had to guess she said something about drawing from the 80% of you that you keep in reserves. close? better looking? either gf needs glasses or her classes have been scary looking, lol
almost 11 years ago
Nadiahatta 25 nadiahatta
Sounds like a great class... its always hard to find acting classes in asia that are challenging. The character that you played sounds like something that you would enjoy playing!
over 10 years ago


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