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a magical eye!

What I like about photography is not only hearing that ‘click’ sound when you take a picture! Or the satisfaction that you feel after taking a good photo … in fact none of these are really important… when you have the camera in your hands and want to take a photo suddenly everything becomes important. All the details matter and the things that you don’t usually see when just walking on the street are magnified by at least ten times! Each crack on a wall … a piece of rubbish on the ground… a ladybug on a leaf; they all matter. It’s a journey … you take the roads that you’ve no idea where they end … time is not an issue anymore, there’s no destination … it’s all you and a mysterious world reflected in your camera’s lens! A third eye that makes you realize how much there’s to see, to discover and understand.

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IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4317964/ Personal Website: http://www.samsalek.net

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