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EOS 500d Video Recording Test

I recently used a canon eos 500d camera to make my last film " Trace". The camera records a pretty decent HD quality video at 30 frame per second for 720p and 20fps for full HD (1080p - The processor is not strong enough to handle a faster frame rate for full HD unlike Canon 5D Mark II).   There's a very limited control over the video settings, however, there are ways to overcome some of them. Auto Exposure and white balance  can be locked so the image won't suffer from the sudden changes. When zooming in/out the brightness of the image may change sometimes which make the zooming function unreliable. As for the sound quality it's usable to get the background sound but when you focus, the microphone picks up the sound coming from the lens. Overall, the video quality is acceptable coming from a still camera and with a possible firmware update from canon more video control should be available soon.  To get a better idea of the video quality recorded with EOS 500d, watch the below video including some sample shots in different locations._You can also download four raw video files to see how a video file straight from the memory card looks like.

Download Raw Files:Sample 1 720p@30fps 18-55mm Lens(+0.45xWide converter)

Sample 2 720p@30fps 18-55mm Lens(+0.45xWide converter)

Sample 3 720p@30fps 18-55mm Lens

Sample 4 1080p@20fps 18-55mm Lens

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