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London; Food Lovers Heaven!

If you are a food lover, London is one the best places to try different dishes from all over the world. This is made even easier by a lot of festivals and events featuring food as one of the main themes.

Soho Food Feast

A few month ago I went to Soho Food Feast, a yearly charity festival supported by the restaurants in Soho area; a very colourful selection of different flavours and tastes! Upon arrival you can purchase food tokens each entitling you to a small platter, perfect size to keep you going and trying more dishes! and it’s all for a good cause! ;)

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1076999_10151591719689315_485001006_oThis weekend another festival returned to London all about the land of Sun, suitably named Hyper Japan. This yearly festival, taking place in Earls Court this year, is promoting Japanese Culture and extremely popular. The queue for ticket holders was rather long and took 65 minutes to get inside! making you wonder how poorly this was managed! but I think it was worth the wait and once inside there’s no limit to how long you can stay. There was a lot going on in every corner and you need a good 3-4 hours to take a peak at everything and make sure to have cash! (up to £100 should be more than enough)


Amongst different demonstrations of Japanese culture, including a very interesting traditional dance and millions of handmade crafts, cooking, wine and sake tasting, food was of the reasons to be there! For most you still had to endure a long queue made harder by the fact you just came out of a very long one! But once you have a bite of that Takoyaki, it was heavenly!


There were so many new things for me and those you can’t easily find anywhere else in London making the experience even more exciting!

Hyper Japan

There are plenty more food related festivals happening in London welcoming food lovers every day! Don’t miss the opportunities!

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Hyper Japan

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