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Go Skateboarding Day!!

Yesterday was Go Skateboarding day ( http://www.goskateboardingday.org) and all over the world skaters celebrated by hitting their favorite spots. So needless to say we had to hit the streets last night and tear things up. If you missed it make sure you skate and destroy next year!

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Kung Fu Rice!!

Got back last night from another great weekend in Guangzhou with Soler.  It was really fun this time because the crowd at both shows were amazing and made us feel really welcome.  Xie Xie everyone!!

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Seven Show!!

I went to the "Seven" band show last weekend at Shenzhen. The show had 8 bands from China and Hong Kong playing all sorts of Punk/Metal/Industrial/Alternative music. It was cool watching some new bands while hanging out with Qui Hong and King Ly Chee. All the bands were really good and it was fun watching them kick some serious @ss!


Song of the Day:

Elliot Smith "New Disaster"

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Congrats to Inti & Eddie!  They just tied the knot last night and we were glad to be there along with all of our friends to celebrate.  Best wishes you two!

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Life on Mars?

Its been a pretty mellow week so far, I just spent most of it writing a bunch of new songs since I'll start pre-production on Thursday.  I'm so excited to get some new songs out there its gonna be great.  In the meantime, I've been trying to get inspired by listening to lots of music and broke out some old & new stuff.  I don't know why but I've been getting really stoked on David Bowie again.  Have you heard his song "Life on Mars?" ?  It's freakin' amazing!!  I've also been stoked on Elliot Smith&...Read more

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A Good Cause!!

Another week has passed by and I spent most of it working on new stuff to record and putting in some gym time (I think my feet are starting to hate me from using the treadmill too much....haha).  Tonight I went to Rosemary's charity fashion show to help Hong Kong Dog Rescue (www.hongkongdogrescue.com) and it was really cool.  Great job to Rosemary and crew!  

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Arrrgh, Matey !?

We went to the HK premiere of "Pirates of the Carribean 3" the other night which was cool.  The movie was good but the best part was getting there early and going on Space Mountain a couple of times with no lines!  Good Stuff.

Song of the day:

Fall Out Boy "Thnks fr th mmrs"

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Xie Xie!

I spent some time this week with Soler doing press and a few shows in China.  It was cool hanging out with them and getting to meet new people.  The fans out there were way into the music so that made everything fun....

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Great Weekend!

Here's more pics I have from the past weekend.  Good Times....

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Keep Fighting!!

Thanks to everyone who came and supported "Let's Fight."  It must have been the coolest show I've ever been in!  Also big thanks to all the bands and behind-the-scenes peeps that made it such a blast.  Hopefully this is just a start and we will all continue to fight for the music....

Song of the Day:

"Say this Sooner" by The Almost

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