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The sky grows bigger everyday !!!

The other day while I was driving to Causeway Bay I noticed that the skyline over the harbor was super clear and the way the sun was setting reminded me of a Japanese anime.  I tried to get a clear pic with my phone while trying not to crash into the car in front of me so sorry to the guy behind me...ha.  Anyway, I'm uploading the pics from our amazing snowboard trip last week so the blog should be up in a few days.  Have a good weekend! Read more

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José González !!!

Last night we went the the  José González show and it was amazing!  When I first heard that he was coming to HK I ran down and bought tickets the very next day.  I was listening to his stuff a lot last  year (and blogged about his "crosses" video) so I was extremely stoked that I made it back in town the night before. Clementine is my Sunshine did a great job opening and J osé just killed ...Read more

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Chris Clark & his latest additions !!!

The best part of my recent trip back to Cali was catching up with my partner in crime, Mr. Chris Clark.I've know Chris since my freshman year in college and we've been through all sorts of crazy things together.  Chris has definitely been the most supportive person in my songwriting endeavors from my One Foot Forward punky days to the acoustic shows we played together around SD.  It's always fun hanging out with Chris and catching up wit...Read more

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Xiao Tian Gu Desserts !!!

Recently my good friend Jo (谷祖琳) opened her first dessert shop "Xiao Tian Gu" in Tai Hang.  So last week before we headed down to the studio we stopped by to say Hi and had some super tasty treats.  The shop is located right off the main street and the desserts were great so if you're in the area shop by and check it out.小甜谷 大坑 書館街 10-11 B號地下(近...Read more

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CNY Fireworks Macau Style!!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  I hope everyone had a great Chinese New Year and got some lucky red packets.  We spent the first couple of days catching up with family and then headed off to Macau for a Sam Hui concert.  As always it was fun playing shows with my dad and this time we even went down to the Macau fireworks area for some craziness.   Th...Read more

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Ron English in HK !!!

Ron Englishwas in town a few weeks ago for the start of his POPaganda Asia tour and had a really cool exhibition, toy signing, and live painting event at Delay No Mall.  This was my second visit to DNM (the last time was when Haze was in town) and it was great watching Ron just chill and do his thing.  What made this trip unique was just few days later he had another exh...Read more

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Ryan Mcginness X Arkitip X Incase !!!

The new Ryan Mcginness X Arkitip issue number 48 came out and it's pretty kick @ss.  I'm a huge Ryan Mcginness fan so I was excited to get my hands on it.  This issue also includes a collaboration with the super cool macbook/iphone/ipod design company Incase.

Read more

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Tattoo Royale !!!

Happy New Year!  I'm glad we all survived 2008 and from the looks of it there was some pretty cool NYE celebrations.  I'm excited for 2009 since we've got some dope things in the mix and hopefully it will be a great year.  For my first 09 blog I wanted to to post something I did while being back in San Diego last month.   Since it's been over 6 years since I had my last tattoo I decided to start finishing up my left calf.  I went back to Guf over at Tattoo Royale (...Read more

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Christmas in Beijing !!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and that Santa was good to you.  I was excited to spend 3 days including Christmas eve and early Christmas morning in Beijing for the first time.  It was cool because I got to see some of famous landmarks and got to spend Christmas day in two different cities.  

On our first night we cruised down Ghost street and went to check out some music, toy, and designe...Read more

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Merry Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all have a great and wonderful holiday season.  And I hope Santa brings you some cool gear too.....Leroy and the 2008 Hui family tree!

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