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Welcome Back Quinn

So okay i know i have not written since i got back to LA, but i guess tonight somthing really interesting happend i just had to take the effort and time to write this one...

so yes... i dont think any one will believe this when i say it. but okay here i go...

tonight a friend was having ahouse warming party so me and two other friends park down the street and walk up with a 12 pack of Fosters. and these two cars pull up and the guys start dawging us and claiming their sets and shit. "Smiley crew" i dono some gay fucking bitch crew trying to be hard. never heard of them. but they asked if we bang and i just kept walking and my friend said no. but i guess he said it with some attitude and then thoes guys got their panties in a bunch and got out the car, and next thing i hear is, "HEY you with the BEERS" and yeah that would be me... i just kept walking untill the really fat guy ran up into my face and was like give me the beers... and i just told him why the hell would i do that? lol then he said because motherFer i said so... and with out adoubt we were out numbered and i didnt want any trouble so i told him okay ill give you guys one each... lol then it became some sort of negotiation... then he wanted two for each of them... and i was like wtf. what will that leave me with then right???

but anyways as im about to finish the deal give him their shit so we can move on with our own productive lives... one of the other dudes gets in my friends face and pushes him... and knowing my friend he wont take shit like that to kindley. and swings at him and knocks that dude to the ground.... LOL then the other two dudes crack a beer bottle on my friend, and i swear it had no effect.... my friend had already turned into the HUlK.... that was sad cuz it was also the really small dude who started the shit... and my friend just begun to whale on his ass... and two other guys started to hit my friend as i was about to pull a beer bottle out to crack over one of them... i looked over my right shoulder and saw the other guy who was about to crack me... and i thought ughh "yeah HEY BREAK THAT SHIT UP" lol nothing could really do, but after that i noticed thoes guys didnt want to fight at all, coz he hesitated to beat me up. i mean i was still thinking about the beers... then i just thought fuck this and started puling guys off of my friend. and while doing that. the oher guy screams out "WTF he Bit ME!" and i couldnt help my self but to start laughing.... lol really it was a mess, then the "cholos" scrambled and said to eachother " GET THE STRAPS" and i was like oh fuck this i boned out... but they soon just drove off... buncha hooligans with nothing else better to do... and ive lived in Hacienda heights area for almost al my life... and this is the first time this kinda shit has happend to me... beer cost 12$ wtf... are they serous? right?

hate to say this but alot of ppl got nothing else better to really do...

so yeah then the cops came and all that shit bla bla bla... the dude who my friend beat the shit ouf of lost a sock and a shoe also... Lol....


yeah thats whats up....


Welcome back to LA Quinn... =]

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heh i like the 4th last line
about 14 years ago
nice ... good to hear from u bro !
about 14 years ago
Photo 37580
Gotsta love LA
about 14 years ago
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LOL miss s after my friend beat the crap out of the one dude, they started screaming go to the car and get the guns... lol so maybe they did maybe they didnt have any... but if you think about it, why would you should out saying go get the gun??? only to try and scare the other ppl away coz you were getting your ass kicked for some beer... lol if they really wanted to shoot us for some beer they wouldnt had said anything and woulda gone and grabbed it and shot us... so i thought they were full of shit. but i didnt plan on staying behind to find out for my self either... lol... but that guy leftf a sock behind. dont think he ever came bck to pick it up... lol
about 14 years ago
Photo 460712
LOL so gangsta. And LOL you love Justice. Bahahahahaa
about 14 years ago
Photo 41406
Next time use the force...
about 14 years ago
Photo 410430
LOL Poor Quinn....your a gangsta now. hehe but yea i was looking through your photos and i think you got skinnier....not good. Lets get lunch :P
about 14 years ago
Funny but sad. I try to stay North of Wilshire whenever possible.
about 14 years ago
Photo 476499
wwwwelcome backk
about 14 years ago
Photo 31454
on second thought i'm not hanging out with you
almost 14 years ago
Photo 38281
lmfao.... dude i gota put my self around ppl like you and justice then this kinda thing would never happen! =P
almost 14 years ago


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