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Dont you Remember...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20EXT1eEWvE

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Proverbs 19:8

I miss my dad. I had a dream about him. I wish he was still here, giving me advice and yelling at me for touching his things. I know God is taking good care of him and i will see him again :)

Cherish all your loved ones because you never know when the time comes.

"The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper." Proverbs 19:8

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"Mr. Right with God"

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My Dream Come True

All the time God is Good, God is Good all the time!

Church at "One Love" here in Hawaii is AMAZING!!! I love my home here, God has been speaking to me daily, teaching me more, and revealing me the truth. The best part is spending time with him, getting to know him better:P I absolutely love it. This year 2011 has started off wonderful. Everything about my life has already been shifted by God. He is moving and preparing me for something more, something new, something even bigger. I dont know what it is, i just know its g...Read more

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My Little Angel

Hello Everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope everyone is as stuff as i am right now!!! heheh About to knock out zzZZzz that was yuMMmy GOod!! :)

I just wanted to share with you all my new baby chihuahua mix "Buffy". She is 8 weeks old and loves to cuddle!!! Im officially a mommy now tehehe :P

Til then ENJOY YOUR TURKEY!! Love Love Love <3

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Criminal Love

This was fun :) Enjoy!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx1VqkGUlMA

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Pretty Pretty Dorko :P

Me and my Best friend Manou decided to be girly and take theme photos, just messing around with make up. Im trying to encourage her to get back into being a Make up artist again. Our theme is "Pretty Pretty Princess"

Here is little oh me, her photo is still in process :P


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The hands that held me.

Hello family :)

I have finally made my decision, I'm moving to Hawaii for a bit. I'll be leaving on November 1st. Why the sudden decision? Because God told me too. I know he had told me before, i just didnt want to listen. I was scared. To busy with my life I wanted to make all the big decision, make it on my own, stay focus on what i thought was right....but God held me close and told me to be still.

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Mission 1

Hello Hello Family :)

Again i need to write more often :) Work had just been a overload and weekends are hardly rest days. I have never appreciate the weekends more than ever and its goes by too quick. Anywho here are some random thoughts....

I have been thinking and i might want to move to Hawaii. Stay with my sister for a bit. I miss her and its the perfect place to not think so much. My mind has been wondering everywhere, making me unable to concentrate. I keep asking God if this was right for me, if he wanted me to stay or go b...Read more

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NeNe's World

Hello everyone! Today is a good day, just wanted to share with you all my little creations.

NeNe's World :)

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Hello Family, God is Good.


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