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Mary Ly

Proverbs 19:8

I miss my dad. I had a dream about him. I wish he was still here, giving me advice and yelling at me for touching his things. I know God is taking good care of him and i will see him again :)

Cherish all your loved ones because you never know when the time comes.

"The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper." Proverbs 19:8

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"Mr. Right with God"

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Okay Ladies, here it is.

I want to share something wonderful with you. Something that every little girl dreams of when innocence is still innocent and when beautiful remains beautiful.

Mr. Right: The Man that makes the purpose of "Falling Inlove". He makes staring unstable, lip unspeakable, and heartbeats unstoppable. All at once, "Sigh~~~........." (Ahem) hehehThe tall dark and handsome prince who will catch you at the perfect time of a fall. His nearness makes everything warm filling your world with fire from his smile, his sense of smell tickles your heart leaving you joyfully content, and the way his voice whispers your name as it guides you through a wondrous maze of serenity and love. The one man who you desire most in every dream. Your soul searches, your flesh cries, and everything changes.

Reality is, he is just a fiction of our imagination. Someone who we created through society because Ken was perfect for Barbie, the innocence of love begin wrong.

We ladies, look onto Barbie as the perfect appearance for a Ken to fall inlove. The pretty clothes, the flawless skin, and the substantial inheritance she was born with. Beauty became nothing but plastic. Beauty manifested into something else.

My sisters, a thing of beauty is not of an appearance or what she has but the grace God placed upon her heart. So many painful mistakes of trying to change for Mr. Right or though you thought. BUT not even literally a handsome Prince, a sensational Pop Artist, or any successful Celebrity could change my will to be myself. I tell the lonely lover inside me that God is just preparing my beloved for me. I have to first get my relationship right with Christ then when i do, God knows my taste how could he give me less?

After all the tears and battles within me to be like a Barbie just for others to see me, it wasnt worth losing the real me. There are many sisters out there who are bless with beauty, wealth, and fame but as God said,

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” –Proverbs 30:31

And in every Man, they too desire more than just an appearance. No matter how much a man can look at a beautiful woman, she must require a heart of gold.

See, I use to search for Mr. Right or lust after these handsome guys who are just like Ken. Setting myself for failure I still didn’t care, because they were so cute. I let my guard down, I let the one who wasn’t the one come steal my innocence. Willing and freely I gave my heart up. Change myself to better it for him so he can see how pretty I look. ALL because he was desirable.

The thing is it was never worth the trouble of searching and hoping so hard for that Desirable Guy who you think is the right guy but totally the wrong guy to come and disappoint you in the end.

What a mess we are sometimes, but the greatest part of this Love story within me is that God was by my side the whole time. Yes he taught me well but he loved me more to not ever lead me into the wrong hands again. My heart can never be broken because God is at the gate in charge of who can enter, the search for Mr. Right has ended because I don’t need to find him he will find me, and my hope for a great man of God is in the hands of my King.

I don’t need a Ken to make me his Barbie, I don’t need her wealth to make me beautiful, and I surly don’t ever want to forget who I am and why I am here.

Soul Sisters who are reading, remember that love isn’t about how the world puts it on the screen, but how God can and will bring “Mr. Right with God” into your life. And to my Brothers, know that this place is full of deceit, be like Joseph (Genesis 39)and fight the temptations in order to fully be bless abundantly by GodIts like Baking, trust the Baker to prepare the best, he knows all the right ingredient for it to come out just right!All that "Falling Inlove" will come, you just have to get to know God even better for him to know your taste![](/attachments/2011/01/14/16/410430_201101141620461.thumb.jpg)

Til next time, Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong, Don’t go walking where you don’t Belong!!! hehe



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My Dream Come True

All the time God is Good, God is Good all the time!

Church at "One Love" here in Hawaii is AMAZING!!! I love my home here, God has been speaking to me daily, teaching me more, and revealing me the truth. The best part is spending time with him, getting to know him better:P I absolutely love it. This year 2011 has started off wonderful. Everything about my life has already been shifted by God. He is moving and preparing me for something more, something new, something even bigger. I dont know what it is, i just know its going to happen.

I use to plan it all, make all the decisions, and made sure it happened. But every little big thing failed. Me trying to do me Right....was totally Wrong. Even though i overcame so many obstacles, Jesus told me that "then" i had to See it to Believe it, but "now" I had to Believe it to See it. I thought i knew it all. I thought coming to LA was this huge change in my life. The NEW me in making " Dreams come true" as an actress/model. Be this inspiration towards my Hmong community, especially the little girls.


Then i thought.....wait a minute....i cant hear God,  "What is it that he needed again?" "What is he trying to tell me?" I cant....hear him....I could barely see him.


Yes i became Blank again. I went in circles again. I I I, me, me, me.... (get the point)

All that "Wanting". All that "Look at what i can do". All that "Junk" period.

Im not saying Acting is Bad. I love theater. Its just the people, the whole filthy greed of wanting fame and money so bad. Its not even about the Art anymore. All it is is a pretty face and 10 bucks in your pocket Hoping for someone to discover you or you having something to eat later.

Of course your Blessed with a talent, But its how you use it that pleases God. And thats when it hit me. To be made New, you gotta give up the things you "Want". Trust God to bless you with the things you need. Which leads me to this verse,

  “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."-Matthew 6:19-24Christ is beyond Goodness, family. This is the Truth....

My " Dream Come True" is to see my name Written in the Book of Life because that's the real Reality.

ThePERSISTENCE - DETERMINATION - NEVER GIVE UP -FIGHTING FIGHTING, these are the Auditions in my life when God ask, "What have you done with my son?" Going BLANK doesn't mean theirs nothing there, it just mean God is waiting for you to let him have the brush. Will you trust him to finish?

A Job doesnt make us happy. A career can only last so long. But a talent being used for his purpose is worth the retirement in Heaven! :) I hope you guys can apply this into your life and know that God is Large and in Charge!!!! hehe Love you all, good night :P

Much Aloha 

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My Little Angel

Hello Everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope everyone is as stuff as i am right now!!! heheh About to knock out zzZZzz that was yuMMmy GOod!! :)

I just wanted to share with you all my new baby chihuahua mix "Buffy". She is 8 weeks old and loves to cuddle!!! Im officially a mommy now tehehe :P

Til then ENJOY YOUR TURKEY!! Love Love Love <3

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Criminal Love

This was fun :) Enjoy!


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Pretty Pretty Dorko :P

Me and my Best friend Manou decided to be girly and take theme photos, just messing around with make up. Im trying to encourage her to get back into being a Make up artist again. Our theme is "Pretty Pretty Princess"

Here is little oh me, her photo is still in process :P


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The hands that held me.

Hello family :)

I have finally made my decision, I'm moving to Hawaii for a bit. I'll be leaving on November 1st. Why the sudden decision? Because God told me too. I know he had told me before, i just didnt want to listen. I was scared. To busy with my life I wanted to make all the big decision, make it on my own, stay focus on what i thought was right....but God held me close and told me to be still.

All my dreams, desires, and goals i had for myself wasn't going to be enough, especially for God. Each time i got inspired by someone who had accomplished there dreams, i get happy for them automatically but deep in a little crack in my heart i humbly told God,

" Lord, you have taken me so far from where i was, you have flown me high enough to see others, and you have carried me when i couldn't bare the pain. I thank you, I praise you where ever i go, I learn your ways to glorify you, I am listening and I am letting go to know you more. I humbly ask, whens it my turn? Forgive me. I want to show the world Love as you do, i want to help the helpless as you do, and i want to begin this dream through you. Forgive me God. I thank you more and more each time i breathe, each time i hope, and even each time i feel left alone. I trust you, please show me."

It kinda sucks when family isn't close and good friends aren't who they are anymore. Jobs sucks, and career is slow. Feels like a hard life, but that wasn't the hard part of my life. LA i can handle, friends come and go, and work is work. The hardest part was not being able to hear God. Its like standing in the middle of traffic as cars honk, babies cry, people cussing each other to move, phones ringing, music loudly thumping, the smell of fast food, all together on a hot sticky day on a bridge. Phew...

So there i was, my life, full of noises, corruption, and uncontainable situations. The only thing i knew that could get me out, was God himself. As i walk towards the bridge railings, hopped over and stood onto other side. God whisper to me,

 " I have held your hand throughout this life and before. My hands have never left yours, will you hold onto my hands again?"  I finally felt  the freedom of trusting God faithfully without any fear. I knew no matter what happens he will always have my back. I don't ever need to worry because his plans are bigger then mines. I have come this far in life, I am breathing today, my success doesn't end here, it has only begun through his freely and faithfully.

I close my eyes, held his hands, let go of the rail, and jump. My faith can never be killed, my trust in him can never be taken, and his love can never be destroyed.

Remember, don't let your plans be God's plan, let God's plans be your plan.

Love Faithfully, Mary Ly

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Mission 1

Hello Hello Family :)

Again i need to write more often :) Work had just been a overload and weekends are hardly rest days. I have never appreciate the weekends more than ever and its goes by too quick. Anywho here are some random thoughts....

I have been thinking and i might want to move to Hawaii. Stay with my sister for a bit. I miss her and its the perfect place to not think so much. My mind has been wondering everywhere, making me unable to concentrate. I keep asking God if this was right for me, if he wanted me to stay or go but i couldn't hear him. I've been so confuse and hurt the past months searching for an answer, waiting for a sign, and hoping for some kind of hope. But it didnt come through. My mind was so polluted with thoughts i wasn't even able to hear myself. I was so sad not being able to hear God's plans for me. It felt like being lost in a dark cave with half a candle lit.

My sister prayed for me and i felt confidence again. My cousin Alice came into town, we hung out and talked a long talk, she brought back my faith. But my date with God on the beach made me realize who i was and why i was here. He brought back my life.

Then it finally clicked in my head, all the worries and answers to my questions was right infront of my nose the whole time. I had been praying and praying, asking and seeking, stressing and doubting, that finally God whisper into my ears, " Do you trust me?"

And BOY at the moment, all the storm, clouds, and rain CLEARED instantly. I know it might sound silly but it was the most amazing feeling ever, the biggest relief. All my pain, worries, doubts, and questions were clear to see the road i was going to be taking. I dont need to think about the future because i dont know what will happen, i dont need to think about the past because i cant change it. The only thing that matter is now, today, what God has given me. I had forgotten who brought me here and who i will go back to, Jesus Christ. He had brought me this far for something right? Yes. I believe so and I trust him. I am not the author of my book, God is. I was busy trying to fix things, find things, and make it all work, but in the end it failed because i didn't give it up to him.

People forget how to live, how to enjoy life, and being able to feel free. Letting go of the things we cannot control and giving it up to God shows him how much we love him. Living life as it comes and helping others makes him happy. Planting our seed as we go.

So today I just want to say I Love You all, even if i dont know you. I rather say it to a stranger and make them feel God's Love, then never saying anything at all. You never know who they might be in God's book. As for Hawaii, I might just take the jump, trusting God to work his way around and inside me where ever i go. LA will always be here, but not God's plan. So family, til next time live, laugh, and let God know your happy :)

Your mission today: Smell the Flowers Love always,

Mary Ly

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NeNe's World

Hello everyone! Today is a good day, just wanted to share with you all my little creations.

NeNe's World :)

Here are my little love notes i make for God :

)I just got done making some more! hehe :) Let these little notes fall upon those who need a little encouragement from God :)

 God is Good.

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