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alive not dead and beyond... | AlivenotDead及更多…


We learned a lot about ourselves attending the Alive Not Dead party last Thursday.  I discoveredthat the people I communicate with online (contrary to what I had previously suspected) are NOT cyborgs.  In addition to that, Andy, Van, and I were introduced to an unhe...Read more

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home intruder... | 非法入侵者…

It was a weekend full of both suprise and embarrassment.  Imagine my suprise when my best pal Onimal (Andy On) phoned and ask for my assistance in dealing with a home intruder! 

I have always felt that a picture is worth a thousand words, so the pics below should add up to about 4000+ words of illustrated story telling...| 上周末充滿了驚喜和尷尬。好友Onimal(Andy On)打電話來求助,要我幫忙對付一個非法入侵者時,我非常驚訝!


| 上周末充满了惊喜和尴尬。好友Onimal(Andy On)打电话来求助,要我帮忙对付一个非法入侵者时,我非常惊讶!

我总认为一张照片胜千言,所以下面的照片讲了一...Read more

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the producer... | 制作人…

I have been fortunate enough to have made quite a few good friends in the entertainment industry.  Talented people whom I can call upon to lent their talents when their talents are needed.  When my friend, Leila Tong (Tong Ling) needed to record a quick voice demo for a record company that she's planning on working with, I was asked by our mutual manager (Mon Ng) if I could find someone to help out (as it was kind of a last minute kinda thing) and put her voice to song and onto a CD... quick.  So I placed a call to my talented so...Read more

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sept. 16th, 2007 | 2007年9月16日

Thank you to everyone who took the time and left a note here to wish me a happy birthday! You guys and gals rock!  My birthday was nothing short of just another day.  I didn't have any type of celebration planned as I was orginally set to be working out of town.  However the project got delayed, so I ended up being in Hong Kong during my birthday.  The night before consisted of my warcraft guild taking me on a raid and them remarking that I should be out partying instead of playing WoW on my birthday's eve.  But the fa...Read more

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Look mom, no wires!

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since my last entry.  I guess it’s because I’ve had nothing interesting to share.  Today is no different, so I decided to pick out something from my past that might be of interest.  Before fighting for the camera, I spent my days fighting in front of the mirror at my father’s martial arts school in Chicago.  While on vacation last year, I decided to put together a small reel of some of the stuff that we did at the school.  This gave the students and instructors there a chance at the “youtube” limelight ...Read more

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fighting like a girl... | 象女孩一樣打...

There has always been the misconception that Wing Chun kung fu was developed by a girl for a girl, but in reality, Wing Chun is a method of combat that has been developed for human beings, regardless of gender, race, or even choice of eating habits.  Wing Chun's success as one of the premier combat arts is due primarily to it simplicity, efficiency, and directness in both its techniques and concepts. 

I have trained extensively in Wing Chun for many years and have taught it to quite a few people at my father&...Read more

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sentimental awesomeness... | 難忘的情感記憶...

I went out and indulged myself on the guilty pleasures of sentimental awesomeness by purchasing soundtracks of a few of my favorite animated stories from my youth (or at least from a time when I was younger than I am now...)  

Listening to these CDs brings back memories of not only the stories that I savored as a kid, but what I was doing at the time these stories were blasting outta my television... afterschool pen and paper RPGs with m...Read more

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Live TV interview and rabbits... | 現場電視采訪和兔子…

Yesterday my manager called me at noon and informed me that I'll be doing a 25 minute live television and internet broadcasted interview about my dog at 8pm.  Not really knowing what to expect, I e-mailed the producer of the show some pics of me and my dog at my home in the states as I was instructed to do.  Come 7pm, I meet up with the tictv.com people and realized what I was being asked to do was simply be the guest artiste of the day on this show about animals for animal lovers.  I love animals and I love...Read more

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I saw an Invisible Target... | 我看到男兒的本色…

It was the Invisible Target premiere last night, and it was the first time that many of us actors have seen the film in its entirety. I have to say, I was very impressed.  It is a very well produced film.  Even with the large cast of characters in the movie, the story still flowed well and each character's development was very well handled.  The action sequences was tight and very entertaining and in the acting department, everyone did an excellent job. For example, even though Jaycee and I are good friends and...Read more

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Tuesday Night Server-Down Event...

Thank you for all of your comments!  If any of you have any further questions, please post them in the forum and I'll be glad to answer them as best as I can when time permits.

Ah, my life... My life upon returning to Hong Kong (after wrapping Kinta 1881in Malaysia) thus far consist mainly of meetings, functions, and a cameo in a Jingle Ma film.  In between all that, I work hard to make time to step thru the portal that is my laptop and enter into the World of Warcraft. But alas, it's Tuesday and the US ser...Read more

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