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貓仔 ?

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Another fun day filming with the #東張西望 crew! #明天晚上 TVB 見! :D #貓仔 #柯德莉

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Was a guest on #AllThingsGirl today discussing all things boys don't understand, lol! 今天上 #姊妹淘 好似上左一堂課,發現自己對女仔多左少少了解。原來係咁嘅!

over 7 years ago 921 likes  0 comment  0 shares

由細到大睇獎門人,今日終於上 #我愛香港 玩遊戲做嘉賓,非常興奮! I've been watching this game show since I was a kid, so awesome and surreal to be a guest on it today! #TVB

over 7 years ago 137 likes  0 comment  1 share

宇宙最強+最強保鏢! 多謝 Donnie 哥! You are my kung fu idol! 你係我嘅功夫偶像! #HongKongActionCinema #kungfumovies #DonnieYen #甄子丹 #龍成虎 #GodisGood

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龍成虎 and #刁蘭 #AFistWithinFourWalls #城寨英雄 ??

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