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Some of the best Japanese food I've ever had! 非常好食嘅日餐! #Shiba #芝

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Thank you @philipfansclub for the awesome birthday cake! 非常感謝我的粉絲隊長送了這個那麼捧的蛋糕給我! #earlybirthday #GodisGood

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A big thank you to my awesome stunt team for this early birthday celebration! 多謝我stunt team的兄弟姊妹為我預早慶祝生日! #HongKongActionCinema #kungfumovies #brothersandsisters #GodisGood

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Thank to all my wonderful fans for all the early birthday wishes and presents! 多謝fans提早為我慶祝生日同埋送我既生日禮物! 祝福大家! ? @philipfansclub

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A big thank you to @BillyBettyTailorMade for my lovely attire this evening

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Congratulations Carat and Joe! 恭喜曬! 恭喜曬! Best wishes and God bless! #Loveisintheair #GodisGood

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Early birthday celebration! @eightgrand_hk ? Thank you ZoZo Tamm ?

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今晚同畢嫂&經理人Amanda食飯 ??? #Dinnertime #FriendsandFamily #GodisGood

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