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Sweet Home Chicago with my homie. 健康與快樂! Health and Happiness! #homesweethome #brotherhood #GodisGood #兄弟 ???

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Goodbye Toronto! 再見多倫多! A fruitful trip of awesomeness! Please support #BirthoftheDragon when it releases in your area! 正式上映嘅時候 請大家繼續支持 #龍之誕生

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Thank you @visiondatahk for this awesome Wi-Fi device allowing me to update all my social media and to keep in touch with all my friends and family! 多謝曬 #維訊數據

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Everyone in attendance, including us, loved the film! 今天嘅觀眾包括我哋都非常喜歡這部電影! Thank you for everybody's support! 感謝每一位嘅支持! #TIFF #BirthoftheDragon #龍之誕生

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Super happy day today with the cast and crew at this year's #TorontoInternationalFilmFestival for the premiere of our film! 非常開心的一日! 幕前同幕後嘅朋友一齊睇首映! #BirthoftheDragon #TIFF #龍之蛋生

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It begins! 開始了! #龍之誕生 #BirthoftheDragon

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有媽媽爸爸一齊一定開心! Very proud to have my parents join me on my big day! #TIFF #龍之誕生 #BirthoftheDragon

over 6 years ago 1715 likes  0 comment  5 shares

Great to see everyone again! 第一晚到多倫多已經見到咁多朋友! 非常開心! Time to sleep now, big day tomorrow! 明天係大日子 所以要訓啦! Goodnight! #TIFF #BirthoftheDragon #龍之誕生

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On to Toronto! #BirthoftheDragon #TIFF #龍之誕生

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喺多倫多見! See you in Toronto! #龍之誕生 #BirthoftheDragon

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