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Action Director , Actor , Martial Arts, Wrestling or Boxing
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Thank you #NewBalanceHongKong for this awesome pair of kicks! 多謝曬! ?? @newbalancehongkonglifestyle

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Thank you #DysonHK for this powerful #DysonV8 Fluffy! #Emme approved! ??

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又同好友 #胡然 合作! Working with good friend #MichelleHu again! ?? #HongKongActionCinema #KungFuMovies #惡戰 #OnceUponATimeInShanghai

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Back in Hong Kong! Refreshed and ready to get back to work! 回到了香港! 準備努力開工! #HongKongActionCinema #KungFuMovies

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� #BirthoftheDragon #龍之誕生

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Goodbye Chicago, see you again soon! 再見芝加哥! #Godspeed #SweetHomeChicago #HelloHongKong

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Thank you again @visondatahk for this amazing Wi-Fi device that allows me to update all my social media and to keep in touch with all my friends and family while enjoying my stay in Chicago! 多謝曬 #維訊數據

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This Saturday 今個星期六 2-3pm on FM881 (1圈圈星光背後) #CommericalRadioHongKong #CRHK #商台 #商業電台

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