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Answers and Results (this is gonna be a long one) | 回答提問(這篇會很長) | 回答提问(这篇会很长)

(中文翻譯在下面)After almost a week of 16-20 hours days of shooting the ending fight sequences for Kinta 1881, I finally have a few minutes to sit down and answer the questions I asked for in my last entry.

Instead of answering each question individually, I'm going to attempt to answer most of them at the same time with a short story of an ordinary fellow from midwestern America named Philip Ng (or Phil, as he is referred to by his friends) who decided to drop everything he ...Read more

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Happy Father's Day, Any Questions?

First off, a very happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, especially mine!  Thanks for all your support and love, "lo dao"!!!

Anyways, I'm in Kampa once again. Shooting starts tomorrow but no action, so it should be just more location scouting and a bit of rehearsal when I wake.

Since I caught wind of the fact that I'll be the featured artiste here on alivenotdead.com on the 17th (today), I've decide that on this blog entry I'd like to ask you readers out there to t...Read more

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Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur

My last full day here in KL before I head to Kampa with the rest of the cast and crew for the remainder of the shoot.  The last few days here in KL was spent choreographing and rehearsing the final fight sequences for the film with the principle actors.  The final day of rehearsals was yesterday, a bittersweet good-bye to our little trainning studio.

Today was spent sleeping until noon, then it was off to the office to smooth out some the test footage the choreography team shot for reference.  Though we still have a one final bat...Read more

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30 year old booze

David Bao, one of the actors I've trained here (for Kinta 1881) in the ways of falling down and getting kicked (and occasionally kicking others) in the face for the almost-all-seeing camera took the action-choreography team out to a very nice dinner a couple of nights ago. 

What was super rad about this already pretty awesome dinner was that he bought with him a bottle of 30+ years old Martell Blue Label.  I had never drank anything that was stored in a bottle for this long , and I tell you, it was like sipping history.  It was ...Read more

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Just got back into Malaysia yesterday to finish the principle shooting of a movie called Kinta 1881.  I must say, even though I miss all my good friends in Hong Kong very very much, it's nice to get away after the whole Face magazine fiasco.

While on break I did an experiment regarding how fast a person can get from being in reasonably good shape to being in not-so-good shape. I discovered that with the constant intake of Doritos, marshmallow chocolate cakes, regular Coke, and oily carry-out foodstuffs, the turning of a decently define...Read more

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Wow, never had so many responses so fast (good job Patrick).  As an actor and film-maker, it feels good to know that people are even remotely interested in what you do :)

What happened today... a friend working on a TV series in China called and asked me to hurry and level my World of Warcraft character so I can join them in the Outlands.  Man, what am I gonna do about the gold I need for that flying mount? 

For the Horde!


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Welcome to my blog everyone

Welcome to my blog here on alivenotdead.com, an online community that I am super-duper happy to be a part of.  Whenever I have something that I might feel is somewhat remotely interesting (although I'm not too sure as to how one would accurately measure "interesting" in any exact amount) I will post it here and let you (the reader, assuming that “you” are anyone other than Patrick, the webmaster, or myself) decide if it’s somewhat remotely interesting.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope “you” (assuming again the “yo...Read more

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"Life Is Like A Boat" by Rie Fu [taken from myspace blog]

Nobody knows who I really am

I never felt this empty before

And if I ever need someone to come along,

Who's gonna comfort me, and keep me strong?

We are all rowing the boat of fate

The waves keep on coming and we can't escape

But if we ever get lost on our way

The waves would guide you through another day

dooku de iki o shiteru

toomei ni natta mitai

kudayami ni omoe dakedo

mekaku shisarete tadake<...Read more

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Fight scene + Inexperienced Actor = Partial Hearing Loss... [taken from myspace blog]

Current mood: annoyed

It would be funny if it weren’t happening to me... Actually, I wouldn't wish this on anybody. While filming my latest film in China last Thursday, I was struck hard in the ear area by another actor during a fight sequence. Due to his lack of experience in filming fight scenes, he misjudged the distance and struck me in the ear (instead of the prearranged target o...Read more

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Saaract, the most powerful martial art in the known universe. [taken from myspace blog]

Below is a recently written essay on the infallible martial art method that I have recently come across in my studies and research...

Over the years there have been much debate in the martial arts community over whether particular fighting arts are superior. People belonging to particular schools will often boost of their chosen method's supremacy over others. However, after my many years of research and training in the various methods of fighting, I believe I...Read more

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