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Happy Birthday MaMa!

Today is our best best sister Josie Ho aka MaMa's birthday. Born in boxing day means she is a gift from the mighty GOD, no doubt about it! She makes the music industry beautiful, cuz she keep doing her music against the main stream... Respect! She makes our friend circle tight. She have a really really good heart, i think she is one of the most nice lady in the world... Conroy u r a lucky guy! haha... Anyway gonna celebrate with her tonight! At last... Happy Birthday MaMa!!! Tonight's party is gonna be MAD!!! Read more

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Nike Air Max 90 x Vinti Andrews Pit Bull Dogs

NikeAirMax90xVintiAndrewsPitBullDogsAfter the Windrunner series, Vinti Andrews bought to u a life size pit bull dog! The Air Max 90 Dogs are available for sale at Loveless in Aoyama, Tokyo.  Pop art artists seems like love to use Nike huh... i do remember i wrote a Are u...Read more

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Hardcore training for X'mas!?

After the record session at Drum today with Jan Lamb & Fama, i went to Thai box training with Dan today. We were doing really hardcore today, 10 rounds 3 mins with all the punches  and kicks... Damn, i was dying!!! But after training we went to a good Korean BBQ, it was totally different story man! It's always good to have dinner with brothers! Thanks Dan & T dog![](/attachments/2008/12/34654_200812240016061.thumb.jpg) And this is my first Christmas gift from him,...Read more

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I want this one so bad!!! But is kind of expensive for me right now as u know in HK be a full time musician is hard to make $... Damn it! 

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EA concert after party

Finally we did it... The EA concert was finally done last night, i am happy with our performance but of course still a lot of space to improve... i mean myself! I have to push myself to the limit then get over it!!! This is my goal at 2009! 

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photos from EA concerts!

Read more

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I am so proud of u ... Terence!

The EA show was good! Artists sing all the classics makes me think... damn, those songs i was listen every day when i was a kid, feel so good! The best part was  our man Terence step on the stage and sing again! He was doing really really good, i am so proud of him! One more at Monday, we will rock it... i will rock it! ( i am not that satisfactorily about my performance last night! )   Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Dec 13

It was a tired night, took a 7:30 speed boat toZhu Hai 珠海 then had a quick good dinner, then went to the no. 7 club to start the show. It was really good, crowd really amazing, they were very get into it so of course i put 101% energy to hype them up and DJ Miss Yellow did well as usually( will post up video when i get it) . After the show is 2:30 am, we took a van back to 深圳皇崗 need 3 hours in highway! if i don't need to work today, i must stay in  Zhu Hai 珠海 for at least one night cuz the club owner book us a really really nice ho...Read more

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24Herbs new song 激光中Remix feat.Charmaine Fong

YES... we just did a new song, actually it is a new remix song form Roman Tam. He is one of the most honorable artist of HK music industry, we felt very honour can have a chance to remix this song and Charmaine Fong sing on the chours part. We finished this song couple days ago and w e go shop every radio station to plug this song. We got good feed back from all the DJ's so if u want to listen it, stay tune at CR2, Metro radio and RTHK (not RTPK...ha!). And u can go to our page: Read more

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No One Here Gets Out Alive!

I am a big fan ofThe Doors!I am so proud of it too...haha! RecentlyProdipborrow me this book i just can't keep on reading it, if u loveThe Doors, u should read this one, if u loveJim Morrison, u have to finish this book b4 u say u rThe DoorsFan. Anyway it influence me little bit, and of course i do understand moreTheDoorsandJim Morrison. Really good book! ThanksProdip! I am not reading this original version, i am reading the Chinese translate version, i think is kinda same. I wish i can read more English bookRead more

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