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ALICE Chocolate

As chocolate has been such a topic of late.. i wanted to introduce you all to the ultimate chocolate that you must try...created by my dear friends in NYC WITH a LOT of LOVE of cacao beans..all of us anticipated and salivated...took a while to perfect it but it was worth the first taste.

ENjoy...hard to find.. and believe me if you Like dark chocolate... this is IT..


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Daily rituals


Human Nature.. has us doing tasks of habit..

What are the things that you find yourself doing over and over again? That it becomes like a ritual?

Getting up and thinking of coffee

Getting up and grabbing a ciggie

Getting up and having that morning pee

reaching and snacking when you are not hungry

Psyching yourself up before a performance...

Talking to your self when you are trying to psyche yourself

reaching for the bottle when you need a solution


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I have a super sore NOT ATTRACTIVE nose....i thank everyone for all of their advice.. next time i am in the states.. i am going to bring back a whole suitcase of remedies...now it is just nightKILL...hehehe and hope to god i wake up in the morning.... busy few weeks ahead ...its always the case that when i try to lie low.. the world calls me at all unearthly hours... and there is me croaking away....and people are apologising for calling....yet they just KEEP on talking....wink.. its all cool...

My mind is running awol... with my agenda for th...Read more

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runnnnning noses

IT sucks to have a constant stream coming out of your nose... and a big tub of moisturizer...THIS NEEDS TO END....my way excuse the pun.. is to hit it on the nose.... and get rid...but in this case..its my nose.... and it is not ending...

Xiamen high rise apartments are strange... they are made as huge concrete shells....so there's no insulation.... just concrete... so more often than not... espcially when the temperature drops it is like an icebox inside...and warmer outside...another reason why they are building blocks so damne...Read more

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NOT GOOD.. i have turned into s sniffer..old lady in less than 24 hrs...... feeling like crap.... and its DRIVING meeee NUTZ.... vitamins...juice.... drugs...... NOT working.....who gave this to me????

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Getting ready for our next fashion show in NYC....in less than a month from now.. there's a whole bunch of stuff to get organised... breathe breathe breathe....design team is on a roll..... sampleroom are pumping out the last of the samples.... can't give you a peek just yet.... so be patient...can't believe that we just had the last show almost 6 months ago...and the cycle is just starting all over again... fashion is fickle.. i am looking forward to being in NYC again... and i know it's going to be COLD... i am such a warm weat...Read more

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Creating Beautiful things, surrounded by talent

The design industry is full of serious talent.. but takes a few lucky ones to be able to express it well and get somewhere...or live the life of a poor starving artiste.

My day job is pretty corporate...hectic and corporate....different pace. I have been spoiled to have been working in the luxury world whereby there are many resources at your finger tips to create beautiful things that are desirable.

I am really lucky to be able to work with a bunch of really cool kids...they are amazing.. to be...Read more

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reaching Goals.

Back to work tommorrow. That short break home to the UK made me realise two things... i miss spending real time with fam... and 2 i can never see myself back in the UK for a long time.. knowing what i have experienced now..

Answering Peachey's question .. i thought about my routine...over the years.

I have plans of resolutions and i let those be guides to living and how it should be applied to me....throughout the course of  the year... i see the year as a whole piece.. a sphere if you like...certain months i have aready p...Read more

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Funny...aren't we supposed to start the new year in the way that we mean to GO ON for the coming year.... ??? I got a lovely BRITISH PARKING TICKET!!! ...yesterday..... and just found out......so now i am wondering does it count... if i got the ticket on the 31st... am i gonna have bad vibes from those traffic wardens until the next NY?????


WELL 2008

Pay more attention to FAM... and to come out of the closet more...when i am on a roll... i tend to have the artistic licence to close all doors... and I...Read more

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