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running around CANADA and LA....

Wow it has been a while since i blogged....since i flew in from Paris.. and Back in Britland.. for a few days.... caught up on much needed sleep today.... and fam.. hope to VEG for a couple more days. Lovin it`!

Toronto and Montreal were freezin... found frozen feet and pink toes...finally buried in Toronto.... beautiful time next to warm fireplaces and feeling snowed in....

Too cold for pics... so here are some air shots..

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WENT TO A QUICK EXHIBIT AT THE DEITCH GALLERY IN NYC YESTERDAY...  this is the only fix of art that i got...


graphic artist...


Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far

i like bananas and between plaintains and this... i got complete o/d....the smell of ripened bananas...was ...Read more

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 oooh.. I MISS NEW YORK... its my last day before i run off to Canada...had serious talks last night with my creative director... and i can't believe how fast the week has blown by....we were featured in style.com at last.... its amazing as they have been passing on us for the loooooongest time...

BTW i HATE hotel rooms....and mine looks like a bomb hit it ten times over..

glad the weather has been on our side.. a tad chilly but all in all.. its not bad....

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HI All.. quick posting from NYC... now that i have finally got 5 mins to myself... after show.. after sales.... after all the fashion drama...here's a few pics to share from the show... enjoy... you might recognise a few of the faces!..a few up and coming models... Fall 2008 collection was inspired by gaelic fantasies....celtic legends, fairies, myths, gods and goddess.......

backstage..prepping design team pre show

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quick pitstop...


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good night....sleep tight!


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a few LAst words..

One last blog before i leave for Hong Kong and then onto NYC!..

Been super biz the last few days... and it will surely become more hectic when we touch dow in NY..hope to catch up 16 hrs of sleep direct... and maybe catch up on some movies.. my mind is a blank as to what is even going on in the outside world...

If i could get a complete OVERHAUL in 24 hs before i land in NYC... fresh and planesmell free.. that would be really fabulous!

Really excited to see the looks that have been pulled together for the runway sho...Read more

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Well 5 days to go before my trip to NY... and Fashion week.. can't believe that the last 5 months have flown by since the last show... and now its coming around all over again... so watch this space for the Fall 2008 show... Feb 4th....the count down begins..

Went on mad shopaholic spree to HK this past weekend.. gotta stock up on all of the goodies.. and realised its time for me to find the perfect space to live breathe and work in...and stop so much traveling for  bit...got enough snacks to feed the design team for the rest of the wee...Read more

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Ambiance installation..

Okay was mad busy last week.. one of my many hats is about teaching about the product that has been created by our design team...

There are pics in my earlier blogs on NY FAsH week.. was the spring summer show.. now

we have our  retail people come in from all over to learn about the products..

Africa was the theme..... and we wanted for them to get the VIBE...and build an ambiance...here's a few behind the scene shots of the installation minus the live models..... we had 12 hours to set up and get it toget...Read more

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