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Van Ness Transformers Lap Top

Hey folks,

I think I had about 3 hours of sleep the night before... Managed to get myself out of my bed for some crazy creative meetings. Just thought I'd blog on this collaboration I did with Van Ness before I get some sleep. I was planning on working late tonight but after such a crazy day I'm going to pass out soon. First of all... Can I just say how nasty it is when the cab driver farts and doesn't roll down the window?? Geez... What's wrong with these guys - I mean, what do they eat? I was so grossed out I had to roll down the left AND right window just so he knew for sure I was pissed!

Anyways, today I had several meetings and dropped by Phil's pad to hook up with my bud Van before he left HK. Here is a picture of a quick sketch I did on his lap top:




After chilling with Phil, Van, Lloyd and Daph, I went to watch a movie with some other close friends. We ended up watching 3 Kingdoms and I give it........ The thumbs UP! Very well executed editing work (except the beginning was a little too fast pace and confusing) good camera shots and props to both Andy and Van Ness for doing a good job on performance. Overall - I enjoyed it. The story was ok, entertaining.

Sorry no pics forgot my camera!

Now I'm home - gonna get some good nights rest. WOW! Before 4:30am I'm hitting the sack. Excellent! It's Friday tomorrow... Uhm... Just workin on projects and Shzin storyboards, well.. With a glass of red wine atleast. ;)

Nite Everyone!




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nice pics and great job man ... could u have another sketch on my lap top too ??? :-) ADI
almost 16 years ago
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i want to watch that one if i can find the time...
almost 16 years ago
Photo 57448
AH! No way! That sh1t is so damn cool+17... i'm having geek envy to the nth degree right now......
almost 16 years ago
Thx Pat~! Appreciate it...my wall is still waiting for you~! If you ever need someone to dance for you for 30 seconds of entertainment...you know who to call~!
almost 16 years ago
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That laptop cover is tight! You've inspired me to pull out my crayons and go Ape nuts on my laptop! =)
almost 16 years ago
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killer laptop indeed... and the movie was great. just saw it today. well pat ill be in hk monday, hope to see you around.
almost 16 years ago
i'm turning green too will u manhandle my macbook air baby?
almost 16 years ago


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