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And she muttered "please sea, swallow me"

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Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk.

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Sonic waves overtake, Tsunami swept, overleapt You and I spiraled as one Brave against all odds Forbidden never inked in our thoughts Trudge on as one, so we thought, The union of indestructible force. ambassadors with a cause. Never again the same as the tide slowly spits out, What remains Can only be remnants of remorse.

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Who's in!!!!

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truestory we all need abit of faith sometimes #winning lol

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Happy birthday grandpa!!!!! Always handsome wise and charismatic!!! Whoohoo!!!

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Happy birthday!!! Whoohoo!

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yousetmyeverythingonfire heartfelt thanks for all your hand written love from NYC. Missing you like a heart torn apart. Hbd princess of light. You illuminate my darkness like no other. X

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