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HardPack Packed with Packed CDS n People!! @_@|

AnD folks,

It was nice to see some of my good friends after coming back from Toronto -- Here are some pictures of yesterdays HardPack event. It was jammed and rammed with people. Wonder Twin Patrick ;) Always good hangin out with the "Other" Patrick haha!

WOW Haven't seen these two in AGES!! Good hangin out again you both!

Burton man... I know you love cameras dude... But, you know stop lovin cameras for just one sec and take a normal picture PLLEEZE!! >_< Fabajezus!!

It's been hellish long since all of us hung out again -- ROSE and RACE unite! Hahha! ORIUS comic comin atchA worldwide baby!

Jian's face here is like.. uhm hilarious dude. What's with the angry face - smile!!!!

Me and Megster.

Oh mah god dude -- your gonna burst like a tomatoe!!!

 "Shhh, she's serious man, she's in serious mode dude.. Don't bother her she's concentrating..."

Alright - Well I am pretty excited about tomorrows event as I will be doing a LIVE Batman illustration in front of 400 people -- sponsored by Warner Brothersand DC Comics -- Woohoo!! It's going to be a ton of fun.

Dang it's early for an artist, time to head out to my first meeting. PEACE everyone and God Bless.

Pat LEE | AnD朋友們,

從多倫多回來看到我的好朋友們真好 -- 這裡有一些昨天 Hardpack活動的照片。 很熱鬧也有很多人!神奇雙子Patrick ;) 和我的另一半Patrick一起總是好的!

哇!很久也沒看到你們倆了!! 再跟你們團聚真好!

Burton 兄弟。。。 我知道你喜愛照相機。。。但是請停下一秒拍一張正常的相片吧!!>_< Fabajezus

我們很久也沒有聚在一起了!! ROSE and RACE 團圓!哈哈! ORIUS 漫畫將在全世界面世!

Jian的臉好像。。。很搞笑。這是什麽樣的臭臉- 笑吧!!!!


我的天呀-- 你會爆的像個番茄!!!

 “小心, 她很認真,她正在一個很認真地態度。。 不要打擾她,她在專注著。。。"

好了- 我現在的心情也挺緊張。因爲明天我將在400人面前 現場畫一幅蝙蝠俠 -- 華納兄弟娛樂公司和 DC Comics贊助。呀呵!! 一定會很有趣。

哦! 時間對一個藝術家來講還早,要去參加我的第一個會議了。祝大家平安,上帝保佑。

Pat LEE | AnD朋友们,

从多伦多回来看到我的好朋友们真好 -- 这里有一些昨天 Hardpack活动的照片。 很热闹也有很多人! 神奇双子Patrick ;) 和我的另一半Patrick一起总是好的!

哇!很久也没看到你们俩了!! 再跟你们团聚真好!

Burton 兄弟。。。 我知道你喜爱照相机。。。但是请停下一秒拍一张正常的相片吧!!>_< Fabajezus

我们很久也没有聚在一起了!! ROSE and RACE 团圆!哈哈! ORIUS 漫画将在全世界面世!

Jian的脸好像。。。很搞笑。这是什么样的臭脸- 笑吧!!!!


我的天呀-- 你会爆的像个番茄!!!

“小心, 她很认真,她正在一个很认真地态度。。 不要打扰她,她在专注着。。。"

好了- 我现在的心情也挺紧张。因爲明天我将在400人面前 现场画一幅蝙蝠侠 -- 华纳兄弟娱乐公司和 DC Comics赞助。呀呵!! 一定会很有趣。

哦! 时间对一个艺术家来讲还早,要去参加我的第一个会议了。祝大家平安,上帝保佑。


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Photo 214991
Nice meeting you last night dude! Wow you work fast!! Catcha around ;)
over 15 years ago
Photo 23833
wow, that was fast!!
over 15 years ago
Photo 38281
okay damn next time seriously when im in hk you better have another illustration going on... lol i always seem to never be in the country when they happen. only get to see pictures from AnD. well get at em!
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
Great seeing ya last night! Seriously... Egypt (and check out Jordan (Petra the Lost City too!) are must-visits! :)
over 15 years ago
Seemed like fun, too bad had to miss it again, take care next time!
over 15 years ago
Photo 61114
Reaching critical mass.....!!!
over 15 years ago
Good times! Great to meet you last night.
over 15 years ago
Photo 65978
waha critical mass - haven't heard that since my high school physics classes :D
over 15 years ago
We ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over 15 years ago


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