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Family/Comics/DeepSky and MORE!

AnD Folks,

Toronto has been one awesome trip - it was nice to come back to see my family and celebrate Halloween and my brothers B-Day. Here are some photos from my trip:

The mornings were awesome - especially when my brother's kids were making some Elmo and Cookie Monster waffles!! They were so well made I didn't want to EATthem.

Here is my brother's youngest - his Halloween Costume was awesome haha! He dressed up as a Skeleton - he didn't want to wear a mask and wanted to show off his cute face. :D What a poser huh?

Also visited some good friends since we all haven't seen each other in ages. Awesome place Donald.

Don't you love these white slippers? It was really cold in Toronto.

More pictures of my bro's kids. Super cute.

Here is my big family on my brother's birthday. Man we're getting old huh?


Here is my brother and my beautiful mom - Here we are at the airport, time to head back to ASIA!! It was nice to hang out with them but time to work it work it work it!

Capturing some shots for a project we're developing for DeepSky Pictures - snapping for reference purposes. We busted out our NIKONS and spent a few hours going from one location to another. This is where the fun begins.

Planning is so utterly important.

Here is another great piece of architecture - looks very futuristic indeed.

The SMOG always helps create mood in a shot. Hong Kong is great for that.

After that -- We went to a local film festival - they were showing some films @ Elements Grande Theatre and we watched a really funny film - the budget was only $5,000 HK, yup - it basically cost only $700usd to make this film. Impressive - 4 years to make.

Here is a page from ORIUS - still in development and I'm looking forward to it's international release. More info on this coming soon!

We've been busy on a gallery event which will showcase some of my comic book artwork. Mroe info on this soon - Here we are trying to figure out which pieces to showcase.

Here is a close up shot of an original BATMAN cover I did with DC Comics.



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Photo 37580
hard to see all the detail from that angle, but looks like a tight cover.
over 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
An embarrassment of riches to choose from. I hope you will be able to post more about the exhibition for those of us not in HK.
over 15 years ago
this is happiness
over 15 years ago
Photo 73139
He looks so adorable! And Halloween's the day that Mr Skeleton gobbles up Elmo and Cookie Monster for breakfast. hehee..
over 15 years ago
Photo 38345
ok seriously where r u? lol but seems like u r having fun and living life as usual.. so good to hear u r doing well.. hope to catch up with u soon.. coming to bkk anytime soon???
over 15 years ago
01 04 andrew
good work man.
over 15 years ago
Photo 49623
is that plate a Pyrex Plates... i miss them
over 15 years ago
13244619 10154160689249104 9129655007072933202 n
wow~~cute chil and cool clothes
over 15 years ago
over 15 years ago
Photo 23833
u guys look alike!
over 15 years ago


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