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Drawing the ALIEN!!!

AnD Gang,

Ok.. So I didn't break my hand April Fools Day! It's kinda obvious too after you see these pictures on my blog. So, it has been an eventful week working around the clock and also having a ton of fun while Van Ness has been in town for a few days.


SO!! Where do I start. Ok, there are going to be a ton of pictures here so bare with me. I finally got a chance to take out my secondary weapon out for a few days since I was really excited to use my Canon camera once again -- yes, if not my Wacom Pen or Fat Markers I'm using a Canon D200 as my side weapon. ;) Few nights ago I went to a lovely wedding party for Ricky and Cindy, two incredibly lovely people and with both an incredible heart. I'm so happy for the both of you and wish you all the love and happiness in your life. Here are some pictures from the wedding.


                  Absolutely wonderful family and Cindy's mom is such a sweet heart.


                                                                CONGATZ Guys!!!

Here are a few pictures at the Racks party few days ago. It was busy busy with people like always and usual but still managed to play a few games with the gang.


                  I love this picture - Andrew rocks!! Such a good actor in this one haha!!


Here is Daphne and Patrick - my wonder twin and Daph is such a cool person to hang out with. You both Rock!


                                      I love this picture - like a DIESEL Ad or something ;)


       I really like this picture too, looks old school billiards but nope! It's definately Racks.

Ok - now here are some picture of 2 days ago! A whole crew of us went over to eat Japanese food in Happy Valley. Food was pretty interesting - the company was wonderful. Here are some pictures of that night.


                           Andy and Phil ACTING even when not in front of the camera ;)


                      Here's a picture of me and Van Ness. Gonna be a good year bro!

After dinner we all went over to friends house to play a little bit of pool and hang out a bit longer before we called it a night. Here ar some pictures of the rest of the night.


Here is Race look super cool like always! Always nice to hang out with Photoshop!!


        Here is Rose showing me a cool picture in a magazine. Love those Jeans Rose!


        Andy and Daphne discussing about who's going to shoot next in Pool @_@


                                         Aimee and Patrick! Smile guys!! :D

At the end of the night they let me draw on the wall - so I decided to whip out some markers and illustrated this ALIEN -- but here is Andy adding some eggs on the belly of the ALIEN. NOOO!!!!! hahah!



                 Here is a closer shot of the ALIEN head. Tssssssssssssxxxxxxxkkk!!!!

WELL!! That's it for the night guys - more to come soon. It's 4:00am and working on story boards for my feature film, planning on getting atleast 1/4 of it complete tonight... Phew, gonna be a long night. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and those on the HK side -- hope that everyone is sleeping tight! Goodnight!

Burning the midnight candle with Wacom Pen in hand. ;)

Pat Lee

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Photo 23833
hahaha....thats a horrible picture! Thanks a LOT Pat. ;p
over 15 years ago
oh ... great pictures Pat !!! i miss u guys ... !!! ADI
over 15 years ago
wow, I've never looked so pale before... almost fair... lol
over 15 years ago
WORK + FUN = PRODUCTIVE kekekekeke =) xo Rozy
over 15 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
the alien thing was quite impressive, you should mention that you did the whole thing in like 15 minutes!
over 15 years ago
Andy is hilarious adding those 'EGGS'. They don't really look like eggs really. We're lucky to have an amazing group of friends.
over 15 years ago
amazing night but I'm tired too from the weekend, time to recoup and work some more, yay! =) Cheers! Your always the best, so I'm never suprised! kekeke
over 15 years ago
Photo 42713
wooow~ really love it, the alien on wall! it will scared someone if pass over it~
over 15 years ago


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