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Birthday wishes & new AnD Bands!

AnD Folks,

Well I'm off to Singapore tomorrow and it should be quite exciting. I'm looking forward to the awesome food, nice hotel, room service (lol) and more - I will be taking alot of pictures while I am there and bringing my SUPER camera with me so it should be interesting. Before leaving - we got a chance to celebrate Daphinator's birthday!! It was suppose to be a suprise but errr... I don't think it went all that well in terms of keeping it a secret! However-  we still managed to have a BlaST!! So -- here are some photos of yesterday!


We caught her coming into the door and slammed her with cameras like the papparazi! haha!


                     GO Phil, it's your birthday -- GO GO GO... Wait a sec, it aint your BdaY :P


Here is Daph looking at one of her gifts! It was a cool painting collaborated with a group of her friends. It was pretty sweet. ;)


Some of us were desperate to do better then THAT present - so we ripped some paintings off the wall and gave them to Daph!! HAhaha!! That was hillarious. :D


                            Yoyo - here is Van holding up a Prime drawing I did on a napkin.


Here is us being silly holding up the Prime head - Patrick here looks like he's about to pass out! HAha - hey Patrick, we haven't even started yet!


                 Van Ness - too busy eating cake hahah! I like Rose's expression here :D


                                                    Min just arrived! Double MohaWks!!

Ok - so after dinner we all decided to head to RACKS for a bit and see what was happening over there. Here are some pictures from there!


                     Hey who's that - Good to see Raff dropped by from AnD!! Say hi everyone.


 Errr... Us being silly. So after Racks we decided to hit Karaoke so here are some silly pictures of us celebrating Daph's birthday. Was so hungry at this point I think we ordered too much food - greasy, but good food. Here is us at Red Box.


                                     I like your face in this pic Van - like a cartoon character. ;)


Yes yes! Don't forget when you see someone from AnD to request for one of them white bracelets that says "Alive Not Dead.com" Ok - I'll stop advertising... ;)


                                                         AliveNotDead YO! Time to go home!!

LAst but not least - I just HAD to upload this HEMAN video thanks to Phil. I think I laughed so hard my eye balls were going to fly out of its sockets. @_@

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bT2pqWfr3I8


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damn, you're fast. i didn't have time to copy my pictures to my computer yet... :-P
over 15 years ago
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wow! fun nite you got with frdz!! sweet, have a sweeeeeeeeeeeet trip!!!
over 15 years ago
great times, glad you could make it to the party!!!
over 15 years ago
I wish I could've been there... stupid London. dT .Tb
over 15 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
happy birthday, funny cartoon!! LOL
over 15 years ago
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Happy birthday & WELCOME TO SINGAPORE!! =) Hope you'll enjoy yourself in our little island~
over 15 years ago


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