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what happened in june 4 1989 in china?..

it's a history that we shall never forget.

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28 May 2010, shanghai night

夜上海如果沒有你天涯歌女ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU等著你回來上海灘不了情DIANA今宵多珍重何日君再來these are the songs... 

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10-14 march 2010

wow! 5 days passed already!! been very tired n abit sick lately.. i hope the weather would get abit stable soon..

here would like to share some pics of the tvc shoot i did on sat :)

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9 march 2010

been thinking about a themed photo shoot for me lately..

hair, make up, styling, outfits, sets, hair stylist, make up artist, stylist, photographer..

been shorting out my friend list for the above as it'll be a team work with all the creative ideas putting together..

start looking around for the right outfit with my styling friend today..

hmmm.. fingers cross for that!!

watched Precious tonight

very heavy movie with a heavy actress and a heavy story!!

it's some real shit happening in real life though.

very impressed with all the casts in this film!!

very good touching movie that will make u think.

was surprised to see mariah carey in this film as well.. was arguing with my bf for awhile while he said it's just someone looked like her.. XD found out it's really her after google it at home!! i win! :p

well, if u'r looking for a good movie to watch in the cinema, this is the one!! 

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7-8 march 2010

7 march 2010

the day started early at 8.30am n it finished at 11pm! 

it was a tvc for a skin care product.

i was a stand in for the famous ballerina from china.


it's a very long and tiring day! especially for the ballerina who had to try out many many different moves for the director to decide.. but it was a very nice experience for me to work with this nice chinese ballerina, funny french director, and many different crews and ppl who r involved!

8 march 2010

got called from the last casting confirming the tvc on 12-13 march guangzhou.

highlight of the day is i can peacefully resting at home ALL day!! ^.^

i received this from my friend tonight from msn. this is cute!!! :D

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4-6 march 2010

oops.. skipped days.. :p

brief review of the past few days from 4-6 march:

4 march

morning shoot for the coco cola tvc, was dancing to make the letters for L-O-V-E

followed by 2 castings and friend and family seeing from chai wan, cwb, quarry bay, and cwb in 12 hours.. tired but loved! ^^

5 march

movie's feast

Alice in the Wonderland

- watched it in 3D, i personally would prefer it in 2D but couldn't find cinema showing it in 2D with good seats left.. very interesting crazy story as always, liked the film and casts!!

also watched at home:

2012 science or superstition

- no matter if 21 dec 2012 is the date or not, it is a sad fact that this planet is destroying quickly with the hands of human being.. we need to save this planet in order to save ourselves, and our offspring

The Pianist

- one of the movie of history that you cant miss! world peace! please!


- Sacha Baron Cohen, the bold, funny, offensive, humorous comedian! i liked bruno!!! he cracks me up!!!

6 march

sweet home and family time!! ^^

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3 march 2010

had my second piano lesson with my lovely teacher.. i need to really get to PRACTISE a lot more on my own!!! :p

met and hang around with my disney friends in the evening for a bit, then went with a sweet friend to see her friend's live jazz gig at the shangrila hotel in admiralty

great musicians and great singer!! 

chatting with the singer Courtney, she told me about her agency and stuff and ask me to send her my bio, pics n audio works... hmmm.. i could smell something good r coming up..  and recently i was thinking about making some videos of my singing.. well, she mentioned about that before i said anything too.. she's so experienced with all that and im feeling i would have so much to learn from her soon!!! just keep my fingers cross for everything to go well~!! ;)

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2 march 2010

chill day~! loving it!! ^^

went fitting for two tvc today, both involve with dancing, one hip hop, one ballet~

this is the look im gonna have for the hip hop one:

it's just a wig!! hehe..

the ballet one, clean look with a pretty white dress, but i forgot to take a pic..

anyway, im gonna meet with a very famous ballerina (that's what i've heard only.. not knowing the name yet!! :p) and i'm very excited even though im just a stand in for her.. gonna learn her move and dance for her during the light & cam setting or sth.. ;)  next time me will be the main ok!! ;p

some daily pics sharing:

dinner at cafe de caro

ice cream feast!!! yey!!! ^^



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blog again on 1 March 2010

will start blogging again as a whole new life of my career has just begun!!! ^^

being a freelancer again and i can feel the AIR...

had the great moment experiencing the routine life in the magical theme park in hong kong for one and a half year.  i did the wonderful theatre show The Golden Mickey's and the cheering parade show High School Musical, experienced the love, friendship, laughter and tears in this very magical place!  many talented ppl i've met, many good and loving ppl i've met, and im real glad!!  when it comes to an end today, im very happily carrying all these wonderful experiences and good memories to move onto my new level of career!  goodbye the cheerful land, where all the tears are to be hidden, where all my happiness n excitement are squeezed to share.. goodbye all the lovely casts!

im feeling its all gonna be better, moving, exciting, adventurous, creative, hearty, truthful career ahead, and u gotta believe dreams do come true~!

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